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Let the speculation merry-go-round continue. According to a report by Bloomberg, Apple has trademarked the name iWatch – once again. This time Japan is the territory, while the trademark covering ‘products consisting of a portable computer or watch gadget’ was in fact submitted with the Japan Patent Office on the 3rd of June however was just made public last week. It follows an unconfirmed report by a Russian paper that Cupertino had actually submitted the iWatch hallmark in Russia last month.

So, Apple is definitely making this thing, right? Well, possibly, though in the meantime I am inclined to file this away in rumorware. Trademarks for speculative products are signed up by large customer electronic devices business all the time – items that are in a very long pipeline or exist in a PowerPoint discussion just. Besides, if or when Apple does release a smartwatch, timing will be everything.

Despite the tech media’s current Apple story that frames the company as desperately needing a brand-new breakthrough item group, unless Tim Cook’s Apple is deviating dramatically from the Jobs playbook, the business is/has been likely taking a wait and see method to an iWatch. Cupertino might well be known as the fantastic inventor, which in hindsight it usually shows to be, but Apple’s definition of advancement is hardly ever to be first.

The iPod was not the first MP3 player, though it was the first to use that crucial 1.8 inch hard drive (‘a thousand tunes in your wallet’). The iPhone hadn’t been the first touchscreen smartphone either, though it utilised capacitive innovation and a UI that guaranteed it was finger-friendly and crucially bundled a data connection at the point of sale. Also, the iPad hadn’t been the first tablet computer by any measure, but all of us understand how that exercised. This is a company that’s built its second starting the ability to state ‘no’.

Or at least, “not yet”.

Cue recent comments from Apple’s CEO. Talking at the D11 conference, Cook stated on the topic of Apple possibly doing a smartwatch or other wearable tech: ‘There’s absolutely nothing that’s visiting persuade a kid who’s never used glasses or a band or a watch to wear one, or at least I haven’t seen it.’

Of course, ‘I haven’t seen it’ might suggest that it doesn’t exist on the marketplace yet from Apple’s various rivals (sorry Pebble, Sony and many others). Or that Cook has not already seen it brewing in Apple’s R&D laboratories either. Something I am sure of is that Cupertino will not sanction an iWatch until the technology’s shortcomings- not least battery life and the UI of a smartwatch – can be taken care of. And that might still be rather some time.

For now Apple fanboys, keep calm and continue.