Apple has actually begun upgrading its own apps for iOS 8, with iMovie and Numbers receiving the very first updates. While Numbers simply brings stability, iOS 8 support and iCloud Drive compatibility, iMovie goes a bit further with brand new features like video filters, an extension for the Photos app and more.
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What’s New in Version 2.1
– Support for iOS 8
– Enhance video in the Photos app utilizing the iMovie extension
– Choose from 10 Apple-designed filters to stylize a video clip or a whole movie
– Decrease, freeze, or accelerate a section of a clip *
– Save videos and iMovie job files to iCloud Drive
– Send out videos to other apps on your iOS device
– Create titles making use of bi-directional text
– Support for Arabic, Australian English, Hebrew, and Mexican Spanish
* 2x speed-up is offered on iPhone 5s, iPad Air, iPad mini with Retina display screen, and later gadgets.

The new updates enable amateur filmmakers to apply even more control over their videos, with the capability to improve videos from straight within the Photos app and apply filters to their videos within iMovie to achieve a particular look. Users can likewise speed up and decrease parts of videos, likely enabling users who didn’t shoot in the camera’s slo-mo mode to make those modifications.

Additionally, users can likewise move their video around easier, utilizing iCloud Drive to move videos and tasks around their gadgets and also allowing other video editing and post-production apps.
Update: Pages has likewise been updated with iOS 8 support, iCloud Drive compatibility and stability.
Update 2: Multiple users have told MacRumors that iMovie has actually been drawn from App Stores worldwide, likely due to considerable reports of the app crashing upon launch.
iMovie is a universal app that’s readily available for $4.99
Numbers is a universal app that’s readily available for $9.99
Pages is a universal app that’s readily available for $9.99