The UNITED STATE Patent as well as Hallmark Office gave Apple 52 patents today, including a significant license for a new listening devices innovation that would certainly make the iPhone an also far better device for the hearing impaired.

This brand-new listening device innovation described in the patent might be applied in a portable sound tool, like the iPhone, in order to find if the user has a listening devices and afterwards instantly adjust the audio signal so you do not have to stumble with those little listening devices volume knobs yourself.

Here’s exactly how the patented technology can function: State you’re grandpa who’s putting on a listening devices obtains a call. Rather than changing the volume by hand, the apple iphone would make use of distance and also magnetic field strength sensors to find when the device is moved towards a listening device, and afterwards amp up the volume. Theoretically, it could operate in reverse as well.

Also, amongst the large set of licenses first reported by Patently Apple, is the description of a ‘Diamond Reducing Tool for Cutting Smooth Reflective Surface areas’ that’s made use of to provide the apple iphone a smooth, shiny finish. Apple’s been boasting concerning its diamond-cut chamfered edges given that the launching of the iPhone 5.

There’s no warranty that Apple will include the brand-new listening devices license designed by Shaohai Chen and also Ching-Yu Tam in the future, however the business has been a leader in relation to access. Merely recently it won a Helen Keller Accomplishment Honor for its VoiceOver attribute to help those with vision impairments make use of an Apple tool. Much more accessibility renovations are likely en route in iOS 9 and also the apple iphone 6s. Hopefully the new listening device technology is just one of them.