musicglance, apple iphoneSeveral applications that take advantage of the iPhone’s video camera have a feature that allows the volume button be utilized as a trigger to break a picture, and also in those apps, the Apple Watch’s Music Glimpse lets the Apple Watch’s Digital Crown act as a distant camera trigger.

Discovered by a reddit user today, the covert technique functions in any sort of app that lets the apple iphone’s quantity buttons be made use of to take a picture. Examples consist of Snapchat, Camera+, and Manual, all apps where the iPhone’s quantity button works in similarly as a continue the on-screen photo recording button.

To use the Apple Watch as a remote trigger, open up a compatible application like Snapchat, open up the Songs Glimpse, and transform the Digital Crown. The activity will trigger the video camera to take a photo, considerably like pushing on the iPhone’s volume button would do. It likewise functions within the Songs application itself.

This appears to work because in the Music app and the Glance, the Digital Crown works as a replacement for the iPhone’s volume commands, setting off the camera performance. Headsets with quantity manages work in similar means. It’s unclear if this was an intentional function addition or if it’s an insect that was forgotten, however it’s a handy way to utilize the Apple Watch as a shutter remote for iPhone applications that support the functionality.

Though the Apple Watch could be made use of as a remote trigger for compatible applications via the Music Glance, the feature is not as function abundant as Apple’s remote alternative for the built-in cam. Experiencing the default video camera, the Apple Watch could transform the apple iphone on and also catch a photograph.