Chipworks has actually done an impressive amount of investigative work on the Apple Watch and has handled to determine that the gadget appears to incorporate a BCM4334 Wi-Fi chip from Broadcom.

Chipworks spotted the chip in the video introduction of the Apple Watch, which reveals Apple’s customized developed S1 Apple Watch chip in different layers. Based upon screenshots from the video, Chipworks identified that one of the chips to the top of the processor resembled a Wi-Fi chip. The pattern particularly compared with the Broadcom BCM4334.
broadcomwifichip, ipadThe Wi-Fi chip on the S1 compared with the Broadcom BCM4334

What actually caught my eye is the part found in the center at the top. The pattern of contacts beneath it shows that it is a wafer-scale plan flip-bonded directly to the board. To me, that pattern looks like a WiFi chip layout. […]

So we then compared the pattern on the board to the most likely Broadcom WiFi chips. The pattern of contacts matches a BCM4334 single-chip dual-band combo device.

The Broadcom BCM4334 is a single-chip dual-band combo that combines 802.11 a/b/g / n with Bluetooth 4.0 and an integrated FM radio receiver. It’s been made use of in the iPhone and iPad, and in Samsung devices in the past, and it’s designed for very little power usage in a compact size.

Though the Apple Watch appears to include its own devoted Wi-Fi chip, Apple suggests that it will certainly not be able to link to Wi-Fi by itself. The Apple Watch will instead rely on the iPhone’s Wi-Fi connection, perhaps utilizing its internal Wi-Fi for interacting with a paired iPhone under specific circumstances.

It is outstanding that Chipworks was able to identify a part from the Apple Watch simply from a video, particularly due to the fact that the gadget is still months away from shipping to consumers. According to Apple, the watch will be released in early 2015, with costs beginning at $349.