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We have already viewed a take apart of the new Apple Watch and now we reach discover exactly what is inside the custom-made S1 processor on Apple’s new smartwatch.

ABI Research study have looked inside the customized Apple S1 cpu which powers the Apple Watch as well as discovered that the gadget has 8GB of storage space, 4GB of RAM and more.

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Deconstructing the new Apple watch is not a game for amateurs. ABI Research study’s TeardownIQ discloses a style focused on a customized Apple Cpu (APL 0778) but consists of Broadcom (BCM43342), Dialog PMU, NXP (NFC controller), as well as AMS (NFC enhancer) connection, IDT wireless charger receiver, Elpida RAM, SanDisk/ Toshiba Flash memory, STM sensing units, and also a couple ADI capacitive touch solutions.

“The layout is an evident variation from Apple’s smartphones, with many high-end functions/ chips included that usually would not be discovered in a simple watch,” remarks Jim Mielke, VP Design at ABI Research as well as head of the TeardownIQ group. “Evaluating by the complexity of the published motherboard (PCB), and also the variety of components on the PCB, one could assume the Apple watch is a full-fledged cellular connected watch however actually connectivity is restricted to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and NFC.”

You can find out more information regarding what was found inside the new S1 cpu for the Apple Supervise at ABI Research study at the link below.