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Former Apple trainee as well as developer Comex that has been liable for in the previous for the JailBreakMe application, has actually produced a new Apple Watch hack that he has unveiled that allows the installation of a web internet browser on to the little display of the Apple Watch.

Comex has shown a fast video of him accessing the Google homepage using his hacked Apple Watch although it looks extremely impractical to use to really look for material, but it shows exactly what can be achieved if you have the skills as well as time available.

Apple Watch Web Browser, iphone wallpapers

Jump over to the Moby Image web site through the link here to see the small Apple Watch internet browser in action.

Earlier today we additionally released a write-up on how you could develop the gold look the Apple Watch Version wearable making use of gold plating techniques for merely $400. Giving the look of the Edition Watch for a portion of the $15,000 price of the genuine solid gold Apple Watch Version would certainly cost.

Apple is currently handing out Version Watch devices to celebrities in an attempt to enhance sales and transform their new wearable smartwatch right into a standing symbol to finish with the similarity other wrist used condition sign watches already readily available from well set up watch makers.