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It’s about time for a brand-new iPhone, and with the rumors about an iPhone 5S and possibly even a cheaper variation getting stronger, AllThingsD now reports that the next iPhone will introduce on September 10. Apple presented the iPhone 5 on September 12, 2012, so there’s a likelihood AllThingsD’s sources are proper, though we have not heard anything from our normal sources yet (and earlier rumors of a June launch definitely did not work out).

Last time around, Apple started taking pre-orders two days after the launch occasion and the phone went on sale two-and-a-half weeks later.

As far as the iPhone 5S reports go, most indicate an incremental update with the usual speed renovations, thanks to a faster chip, a much better camera with a dual LED flash and enhanced battery life. The only really interesting rumor so far is that Apple will present a built-in fingerprint reader for unlocking your phone. There are likewise persistent reports of a cheaper iPhone 5 – possibly with a plastic back.

Otherwise, iOS 7 will likely be the most controversial feature of the new iPhone, provided its drastically brand-new design. Unless Apple still has a couple of aces up its sleeve, iOS 7 is not most likely to present any significant brand-new services besides iTunes Radio. While the first betas of iOS 7 were almost pointless, the most up to date variations are very stable and feel like they’re practically ready for prime-time television.

Apple, naturally, is likewise ready to introduce OS X Mavericks, but it would be uncommon for the business to announce this throughout an iPhone launch keynote.