iphoneApple withheld a final $139 million payment that it was because of make to GT Advanced, reports The Wall Street Journal, which could have added to the company’s choice to declare Chapter 11 bankruptcy. GT likewise reportedly burned through money, spending $248 million in one quarter.

That may have caused the company’s filing, since its cash, at $85 million, was below a $125 million trigger point that would enable Apple to demand repayment of about $440 million in loans it had advanced. Apple had consented to lend GT a total of $578 million to assist get a big sapphire factory in Arizona working. The tech huge apparently withheld the last $139 million payment it was because of make, although it isn’t really clear why.

What is evident is that GT successfully bet your home on a new innovation with a new company design and made itself based on a single client– Apple.

Though it is not known why Apple kept the last $139 million payment, Apple’s $578 million loan to GT Advanced went through specific ability demands that the sapphire business may not have actually had the ability to meet. According to GT Advanced’s own filings, it might have had issues with inadequate sapphire yield rates.

Apple and GT Advanced first struck a handle late 2013, and in addition to a $578 million loan for buying equipment, Apple likewise constructed a 700-employee production center in Mesa, Arizona, which is run by GT Advanced.

While Apple was extensively expected to include sapphire display screen covers from GT Advanced on some iPhone 6 models, that did not wind up happening. In spite of buying a facility for GT and lending it money to purchase devices, Apple was under no commitment to purchase GT’s sapphire. GT was, nevertheless, subjected to ‘exclusivity stipulations’ that limited exactly what it could offer to other companies.

Though GT Advanced has actually filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, GT Advanced’s Chief Executive Officer guaranteed the business would continue operations as it went though a transitional phase to restructure its business.

GT Advanced will certainly have its first Chapter 11 bankruptcy court hearing on Thursday, October 9 in New Hampshire, where it is anticipated to explain exactly what caused its bankruptcy filing.