iphone 3g

Apple simply shared its vacation video clip advertisement, called ‘Someday at Christmas,’ ahead of Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. and the holiday. Remarkably, it doesn’t showcase Apple’s latest and biggest products. Instead, it concentrates on music and also family members time. It also showcases Andra Day and Stevie Wonder.

The 2 artists sing around a piano with different chances of youngsters opening up presents and also family members collecting for the holidays. The only Apple products you could see is a MacBook at the extremely starting and also an Apple Watch. The Apple logo design shows up for a portion of a second at the very end of the advertisement, showing that the emphasis isn’t really on Apple’s brand.

Interestingly, we can take a look at Stevie Wonder using Garange Band on his Mac at the start of the video clip and also using VoiceOver. This function tells you just what’s on your display and also exactly what you could do. Apple’s efforts when it involves accessibility stand out as lots of technology companies still drag on this front. Among one of the most remarkable workshops at WWDC was the VoiceOver presentation.

It’s easy to fail to remember exactly how important accessibility devices can be when you do not rely upon them on a daily basis. And also the brief VoiceOver trial in today’s ad is a nice touch. It reveals that Apple’s work should not be nearly offering even more tools. ResearchKit is one more example of that.

Here’s the video: