Reid Penney, Kyle Donnelly

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Apple’s iPad continues to show its worth in the wide world of sports.

Teams in the NFL are switching digital play books both for the reduction in weight and the flexibility the device offers, and now Little League Baseball and Softball World Series (LLWS) authorities have announced their transfer to the iPad to track event games.

35 iPads featuring the GameChanger app will be distributed to all Organization authorities, who’ll then make use of the gadgets to track statistics and stream live game updates for the World Series’ 9 events a 10 regional champion tournaments.

For the participants in the event, the app will available as a free of cost download for the iPad, iPhone and Android gadgets, with an anticipated 90,000 participants expected to make use of the app to track all of the LLWS events.

Here’s what the app features:

For Teams:

Create your group, schedule, listing and lineup
Make easy schedule edits and substitutions
Undo plays or alter historic plays for in-game editing
View live rating and play-by-play recaps
Resume scoring a game with auto-save on every pitch or shot
Track pitch matters and overall playing time (baseball / softball)
Track group and individual foul matters (basketball)

For Fans:

Follow live animated GameStream with plays and stats
View protective players, runners on base and spray graphes on a field (Baseball, Softball)

According to Ted Sullivan, CEO of GameChanger Media: “We are right here to enhance the youth sports experience for coaches, scorekeepers, players, families and followers. It’s amazing that a digital experience as soon as reserved for the major leagues is now readily available not just to all the Little League World Series events– but also to Little Organization areas worldwide.”