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Apple will be expanding its iPhone trade-in program across the country starting today, according to a report from CNBC’s Jon Fortt which we’ve actually confirmed with our sources. The program permits customers to walk into physical retail stores and exchange an older model gadget for credit towards a new one. The program has currently been piloted at a variety of select places over the past couple of weeks, TechCrunch reported previously.

The program works by offering iPhone owners a chance to sell non-water broken devices in great working order, for between $120 and $250 approximately depending on the condition of the gadget, exactly what model it’s and other factors. As part of the stipulations of the trade-in, customers need to walk out with a new contract in addition to a new gadget. It just puts on customers purchasing a new iPhone, so you can’ t simply trade an older model in for shop credit or towards a various investment, according to our original sources.

Apple’s objectives for developing its own in-store trade-in program were initially outed back in June, when it was disclosed that it would partner with Brightstar Corp., a supplier of mobile devices, in order to provide the offer to users. Apple has formerly offered up iPhone trade-ins through PowerOn thanks to its ‘Apple Recycling Program,’ but this is in retail stores rather of just working by means of mail, and specific to iPhones, as opposed to covering a variety of Apple hardware.

The program is launching well ahead of the reported launching of the next version of the iPhone, which is allegedly slated to be disclosed at a September 10 occasion and could go on sale around September 20. Apple likely wants to provide its retail personnel and individuals time to get made use of to the program and become aware of its availability, along with possibly assist clean out stock networks ahead of the launch of new devices in the fall

We have connected to Apple for additional comment and will update if they provide more info.

Update: Apple has offered the following statement concerning the program’s launch today–

iPhones hold great value. So, Apple Retail Stores are launching a brand-new program to help clients who want to bring in their previous-generation iPhone for reuse or recycling. In addition to helping support the environment, clients will be able to receive a credit for their returned phone that they can make use of towards the investment of a brand-new iPhone.