Apple's MacBook Pro line might be getting a pre-Yosemite power boost

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If you take place to be reading this on your phone while stood in the line at the Apple Store, excitedly waiting for to swipe yourself a glossy brand-new MacBook Pro – hold the phone! You may be much better to suffer a little while longer.

That’s due to the fact that Apple looks set to introduce a refreshed line of 15-inch Retina MacBook Pros with faster Haswell processors and 16GB of RAM across the array, or so states a picture that’s apparently come from its shop in Chongqing, China (as published to BBS Feng).

The entry-level model comes with an Intel Core i7 2.2 GHz processor (up from 2GHz) with 16GB of RAM (up from 8GB).

The second comes with a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7, while the third packs in a 2.8 GHz processor and 1TB of flash storage. As formerly discussed, both those likewise had 16GB of RAM also.

Triple trouble


The first of the variety comes with Intel’s Iris Pro graphics, while the latter 2 pack both Iris and Nvidia’s GeForce GT 750M.

At least in China, Apple’s keeping its price points the very same, therefores it mightn’t be offering up a less costly MacBook Air as it just recently revealed.

No word on when we could see these, or even if they are legitimate, however it’s possible that Apple will certainly offer its line a refresh in time for Yosemite’s complete launch later this year.