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Apple just reported June quarter results, and as expected, sales were quite flat– up just 1 % from last year to $35.3 billion. It’s been a while since Apple has actually launched any major new products, and it shows.

A few highlights:

  • Apple’s iPhone network marketing business, which stands for a little more than half of the business’s sales, did better than anticipated. Apple sold 31.2 million iPhones last quarter, up from 26.0 million throughout the exact same period last year.
  • iPads, however, came up short: Apple offered 14.6 million throughout the quarter, less than the 17.0 million it sold a year ago. (Last year’s retina iPad had simply introduced, whereas this year there has not been a new iPad, so that probably makes up some of the distinction.)
  • Mac sales continued to droop, though the new MacBook Air did not launch until June: Apple sold 3.75 million Macs in the quarter, a bit less than in 2012’s 4.0 million. Still, Mac sales have likely peaked for excellent. (

Here’s a visual review Apple’s June quarter, in context with the last a number of. The huge picture: After a fast development period when the iPad introduced and the iPhone was getting involved in the swing of things, development has actually decreased. It’s time for something new, and we must begin seeing even more task from Apple beginning this fall.

Dan Frommer is creator of SplatF (, a tech news site, and City Notes (, a mobile travel startup. He formerly assisted produce Network marketing business Insider, where he led Apple coverage. Follow Dan on Twitter at @ FromeDome.