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Apple has revealed an unique event to be held next week on October 22, after that date was leaked first by AllThingsD and afterwards later confirmed by The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple. If reports show correct, the event will most likely feature the reveal of a fifth generation iPad, a Retina iPad mini, new Haswell-powered Retina MacBook Pros with much better battery life, and potentially a ship date for the already-announced new Mac Pro.

The event will happen at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, with a 10 AM PDT kick-off time, and as you can see from the graphic, Apple’s only hint about exactly what’s on tap is the tagline ‘We still have a lot to cover,’ which does suggest a variety of things will be shown off simultaneously.

New MacBook Pros with Retina will probably see the most benefit in regards to battery life, as the Haswell-powered MacBook Air variants disclosed earlier this year have extended life that strikes the 12-hour mark. As for the iPad, the 5th generation is reported to be getting a remodeling that’ll include a smaller sized bezel and a thinner and lighter case, to match the iPad mini’s current design. The iPad mini, nevertheless, could obtain slightly in regards to profile and weight, in order to provide additional power for similar lasting battery life regardless of the better, double resolution display. We might likewise see fresh Apple TV hardware, though probably just a new version of the settop streaming box, as opposed to the mythical television in some cases drifted by analysts for many years.

A rumor from earlier today on French site MacG claims that the new hardware starring at this event will go on sale soon after, with the MacBook Pro offered on the 24th or 25th of October, and the new iPads coming just under a week after that on October 30 or 31. The Mac Pro, they declare, will show up on November 15, which is still within the loose ‘fall’ timeline formerly mentioned by Apple. Apple’s new Mac Pro design is a much various affair than the existing silver rectangular shape, and is comprised of a svelte black cylinder that depends upon high-speed external ports for expandability. It will be put together in the U.S., which is likely why Apple partners Flextronics has actually just exposed a continuous major hiring surge.

One last statement likely for the event is the accessibility of OS X Mavericks, Apple’s next-gen desktop running system. Anticipate it to ship in time for new MacBook Pros to hit shop shelves. Mavericks includes a number of improvements, including tabbed Finder surfing and much-improved multi-screen monitor support.

We will be there live to bring you all the information from the Apple event as it takes place, so tune in here for protection next week.