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If you are in the practice of organizing pause for vital Apple item unveilings, it’s rather safe to book September 10. The date was floated this weekend by AllThingsD for a press occasion and official unveiling, and now The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple has verified that date. Dalrymple, apart from being the father to a remarkable beard, is also perhaps the single-best informed outside source relating to Apple’s item event strategies.

The date for the event will put it on a Tuesday just at the start of September, as AllThingsD reported. ATD itself is a rather strong source, so there was little question that’d be the day, however Dalrymple’s verification basically makes things official– without, you know, in fact making them official.

We will most likely see the iPhone 5S at this occasion, which by all reports would look a lot like the iPhone 5 however may pack some enhancements including a faster processor, a dual LED flash and a better camera, among others. We might even see an iPhone 5C launched at the exact same time, which is the reported name for a low-cost iPhone with a plastic back and essentially iPhone 5 internals. Bear in mind too that Apple will likely launch iOS 7 formally at or soon after the September 10 event.

Asymco’s Horace Dediu also has an intriguing post presuming rates on an iPhone 5C, must we see one. He suspects we will see prices in line with the iPad 2 and iPad mini, compared with the present generation iPad– that puts them at around the $450 to $500 range opened, which is certainly far more economical than the current full cost of iPhone 5 gadgets. Looks like we’ll not have long to find out, offering Apple truly does reveal both next-generation gadgets at the same time.