Apple's spending billions on robots and lasers to get the jump on Samsung

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Cupertino’s been purchasing some new gizmos, but nothing with an i-prefix for you to start queuing for: Apple is investing $10.5 billion on robotics, lasers and other manufacturing line tech to obtain the get on Samsung.

The new devices are said to include a polishing device specifically for the iPhone 5C’s plastic covering, lasers and million units which are utilized to craft the MacBook body and video camera screening equipment for the iPhone and iPad lenses.

The confidential sources informed Bloomberg that Apple has also been working on a number of special machines deals, effectively cock-blocking Samsung from getting its hands on the exact same devices.

While Apple’s dropping $10.5 billion over the next monetary years, Samsung has actually reportedly put $22 billion aside for the same purpose.

Factory floor

Apple is generally really safety of its production processes. The supply chain sources clarified that the majority of companies produce a prototype then send it to the (generally overseas) manufacturing plants to come up with the process for standardizing it.

Apple, however, employs specialists and sends engineers over to Asia to test and guarantee the process runs efficiently, along with creating devices to do tasks that existing devices can’t do.

It’s seldom that we get a look into Apple’s procedures, however Bloomberg’s chatty insider was extremely forthcoming with the manufacturing line anecdotes: when creating the iPhone 4 back in 2010, there was no machine to check particular gyroscope functions, so Apple engineers produced one.

Bloomberg’s source described: ‘The resulting contraption has a granite base and dices that rotate several iPhones around 30 degrees a 2nd to test that the movement-tracking technology is functioning. Apple then had enough of the equipments made to put at the end of suppliers’ assmebly lines in China for iPhones to run with.’