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Apple merely launched a new variety record with data regarding the race, gender and also indigenous make-up of the company. Despite the fact that the business is still mostly white (54 percent) in the UNITED STATE, it’s promising to see that, of Apple’s hires in the in 2013, 11 percent have actually been black, 13 percent have actually been Hispanic and 19 percent have actually been Asian.

Worldwide, Apple’s labor force is still primarily male (69 percent), however, that percent has actually gotten somewhat much better over the in 2013. In the past year, 35 percent of Apple’s new worldwide hires were women.

More especially, Apple hired more compared to 2,200 black employees in the UNITED STATE, which is HALF greater than Apple worked with over the in 2014, Apple CEO Tim Chef composed in a public letter. Worldwide, Apple employed 11,000 females, which is 65 percent more than it hired in the previous year.

“In overall, this stands for the biggest team of employees we’ve ever employed from underrepresented groups in a single year,” Chef wrote.

Here’s a check out Apple’s current diversity malfunction:

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versus last year:

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This record comes just someday after Apple announced its collaboration with CODE2040, a nonprofit company that intends to increase the number of underrepresented minorities in the tech industry.

And even though these numbers do stand for small progression, there’s still more to be done and Prepare recognizes that:

We boast of the progression we have actually made, and our dedication to diversity is unwavering. We recognize there is a great deal even more work to be done.

Some people will read this page as well as check our progression. Others will certainly identify exactly how much farther we need to go. We see both. And more crucial than these statistics, we see tens of hundreds of Apple staff members around the world, talking dozens of languages, collaborating. We commemorate their differences and also the numerous benefits we as well as our clients appreciate as a result.

You can review Cook’s complete letter here.