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There are two points to understand about WWDC, Apple’s programmer conference starting on Monday. One, there will certainly be no new iPhones, iPads, Watches, or MacBooks. And two, this will be the most amazing, most revealing occasion Apple holds this year. WWDC is when Apple shows us everything new you can do with those devices-its the company’s ideal hunch as to just how folks are going to utilize their phones, tablets, and watches in the months as well as years to come.

The statements at WWDC concern if you have an Apple product, considering that you’ll see some or every one of the new points soon. And also they matter if you do not, since no company alters the form and also training course of the industry extremely like The Large Fruit.

It all kicks off on Monday, inside the Moscone Home in San Francisco, CA. Not 10 days earlier, Google existed informing us regarding its vision for the future-now it’s Apple’s turn. Be sure to adhere to in addition to WIRED’s liveblog and also on-the-scene protection. Considering that all your pals are going to ask you about it this weekend, here’s what to keep an eye out for.

iOS 9

A brand-new variation of iOS is the best point for WWDC. Presumably called iOS 9, it might look as well as really feel a little different than past versions. It will certainly obtain from the Watch in a couple of areas, too: The font Apple constructed for the Watch, called San Francisco, is apparently being integrated throughout iOS now. Force Touch, that press-harder gesture that shows hidden information on the Watch and also the most recent MacBooks, can be sustained ahead of new iPhones and also iPads in the autumn. Do not worry, though: Apple’s flat style isn’t really going anywhere. The emphasis is on assisting older tools, and also making the entire thing better.

Over the last couple of years, Apple has slowly begun to incorporate iOS, transforming it from a number of siloed applications into something much more cohesive. This year, that vision can blow vast open: The vital new attribute of iOS 9 is apparently called Proactive, as well as might be Apple’s response to Google Now. It will supposedly integrate your schedule, e-mail, applications as well as even more to offer contextual information. (Apple acquired an app called Hint in 2013, and this may be specifically why.) It’ll apparently change the Spotlight food selection, and could possibly become a sort of second homescreen on iOS. 

Beyond that, iOS 9 seem like it’ll be a bunch of little points. There’s a rewards system coming for Apple Pay, Maps need to finally, finally include transit instructions, the iPad will obtain a split-screen sight, where you could run 2 things at once, there will certainly be lots of pest fixes-and, thankfully, updates won’t be so big you have to remove all your pictures simply to mount them.

iOS 9 will not adjust the globe alight in a fire of jonyiveredesignsthings Tumblrs, but it ought to make the entire operating system really feel smarter, easier, as well as more powerful.

OS X 10.11

Apple’s brand-new Mac os, which shows up destined to be called OS X 10.11, is also visiting be announced at WWDC. Apple simply entirely altered the look of the system, so do not anticipate fireworks. Expect sparklers. Poppers, even.

The brand-new OS is likely to consist of the exact same Maps improvements as iOS, and may also utilize the San Francisco typeface. Baseding on one report that you must truly wish is real, it’ll also come with an iOS-like Control Facility, with easy controls for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, quantity, as well as the like. 

The largest brand-new function may be a safety system called ‘Rootless’ that will certainly make Macs also much safer. Or else, nothing significantly to see here. (Sorry, iCloud will likely continue to be a mess and also a scourge on your life.)

This year won’t be another significant redesign, and also it will not be the year Apple incorporates iOS and OS X right into The One Real Operating System. It’ll just keep moving on, like OS X does. 

Apple Music

Apple is the most essential company in songs. Period. As well as it will launch a new solution to take on Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, Rhapsody, Google Music, YouTube Songs Key, Tidal, Sirius, iHeartRadio, and also all the various other places you go with your Skrillex repair. It’s visiting be a combination of on-demand streaming songs, and also streaming radio, for $10 a month. 

The on-demand component should blend streaming songs with your library, lastly settling all your songs in one area. It’s the radio service that’s most unique, though-Apple’s been working with DJs and also taking cues from Beats Songs as it takes a curated technique to iTunes Radio, offering people something incredible as well as new to hear. Rumor has it, Drake and also Pharrell may be among the DJs, in addition to new Apple workers like Zane Lowe.

Apple’s apparently still in negotiations with record tags, which could have an effect on when the service is offered. Yet it’s coming for you, it’s coming for Spotify, and also it’s coming for the songs industry.

Apple TV 

The hardest thing to recognize concerning WWDC is exactly what’s visiting happen to the Apple TELEVISION. Exactly what it’s working with is rather clear: Apple is constructing a new variation of its set-top box that has even more apps, Siri combination, and also a subscription service for streaming live TELEVISION. There ares a brand-new remote in the jobs.

We’re most likely not visiting any one of that at WWDC this year, however. Tattooing streaming bargains has actually apparently been challenging, and also one current report says the hardware merely flat-out isn’t prepared. It’s certainly coming, however it’s not following week.

Watch Updates

You cannot even get the Apple Watch forthcoming yet (though that might transform at WWDC) yet it’s getting its first real software program upgrade. We’re listening to there’s a Discover My Watch attribute coming, in addition to some updates to the protection of the device itself. Apple could be working to include back some of the fitness includes it needed to lose at the last minute, and is likely going to provide developers tools to develop apps that run natively on your watch as well as do not need your phone to work. That’s going to be big.

A Few Last Things…

There’s always a whole lot going on at WWDC. Last year’s largest news could have been Swift, Apple’s new shows language, required some updates and also upgrades this year. There will be brand-new apps, updated apps, Craig Federighi’s hair, HomeKit devices, people coding on phase, HealthKit devices, and also great deals of discuss simply how astoundingly big Apple actually is.

It all begins at 10AM on Monday, June 8th. We’ll exist covering it live, and you’re not visiting really want to miss out on this.