When it comes to comics, characters like The Avengers, Superman, and Wolverine get all the headlines, but for even more than 70 years, Archie and his buddies in Riverdale have been hanging out, having fun, and dealing with everyday concerns in the long-running family-friendly collection from Archie Comics. And on July 18, iOS individuals will get to experience the escapades of Archie and pals firsthand when Archie: Betty of Veronica arrives in the App Store worldwide.

Already launched in Canada as a beta version, the game is a free-to-play resource-management title along the lines of Farmville or The Simpsons: Tapped Out. After returning from a lengthy road trip, Archie, Jughead, Betty, and Veronica find that their home town of Riverdale has actually fallen under destroy and the mayor has absconded with the town treasury, leaving the gang to rebuild the by means of tap-centric gameplay.

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Though the game feels very familiar, George Donovan, founder of developer Gogii Games, promises that the amount of adaptability in the game will assist separate it from comparable efforts. “We let players have a big amount of flexibility worldwide,” he mentions. “They can play out the Archie world the means they envisioned it to be. Make up couples, lastly let Archie pick in between Betty or Veronica … or perhaps neither? You can make or break up couples. [Include] decorations that in fact have an effect on the world you play in.”

But will today’s contemporary audience still be drawn to Archie’s distinct brand name of wholesome Americana? Archie Comics’ publisher and co-CEO Jon Goldwater believes there are a lot of players who’ll delight in the game. “The audience for the game spans three generations,” Goldwater clarifies. “Kids, their moms and dads, and their grandparents if they take place to be players as well. Archie has been thriving for 70 years and the goodwill that’s actually been developed periods generations. It’s an excellent game so even if you are not knowledgeable about Archie it’ll be fun to play.”

Donovan likewise thinks that the game will offer a chance for Archie and his friends to reach a new audience. “The brand has actually been around a long time,” he comments, “however the mobile games market appeals to billions, so we feel the game needs to be enjoyable and engaging. If it’s then it’ll be presenting the characters to millions of individuals that’ll be re-engaged in the brand or exposed to it for the first time and become a follower, by nature of the game or simply making complimentary comics in-game, then desiring more.”

If iOS individuals do find themselves yearning more interactive Archie tours, they are in luck. This is likely to be only the first Archie app to grace their screens. “Absolutely we do [have strategies for even more],” confirms Goldwater. “As quickly as we’ve them tightened we’ll announce it ASAP.”