Ashton Kutcher and director break down 'Jobs,' talk man behind the curtain

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‘It only takes someone to start a revolution,’ and after a special screening process of the Jobs biopic, it appears that Ashton Kutcher, the star portraying the iconic Apple founder, believes in the credo.

On Thursday, movie studio Open Road invited the press to a pre-release screening process of Jobs in San Francisco. The movie will open in UNITED STATE theaters Aug. 16.

While we can’t disclose on the movie, a post-credits Q&A with direct Joshua Michael Stern and Kutcher provided us plenty of composing fodder.

The theater was packed with press and rather irritatingly, many had Google Glass in tow.

However, sporting the gaudy gear appeared appropriate for a movie about the unlimited boundaries of innovation, where throughout the question and answer session Kutcher eloquently addressed the significance of failing, and the have to urge business owners in the breakneck world of tech.

Dissecting Jobs

Jobs’ life was fulled of problematic relationships triggered by his ‘irritable personality,’ which is putting it rather mildly.

Stern attended to how Jobs never ever lived in the past, rather relying on the present and focusing on future undertakings. For Stern, Jobs was faithful to his accomplishments initially, which required boxed up feelings and an absence of sentimentality.

Kutcher and Stern

When asked exactly what his ideas were on Jobs’ mercurial ruthlessness, Kutcher discussed that after much research, he believed the continued rejection in Jobs’ life from his parents, individuals around him and the betrayal from his own company played a substantial part in creating the well-known, dysfunctional character.

Kutcher said the result of Jobs’ irregular, anti-social propensities only pushed him harder to develop products that individuals would like – due to the fact that in amming crazy about the product, they essentially like its developer, a psychological procedure that Kutcher called ‘very human.’

The baseball hat-donned actor likewise included that regardless of Jobs’ genius, there’s clearly a kinder means to treat employees, and individuals in basic – guaranteeing since Kutcher himself co-founded a media business and created a venture capital fund.

Kutcher walks the walk and chats the talk

When asked about the type of preparations he handled for the duty, the notorious Steve Jobs gait was raised.

With 3 months to prep, Kutcher stated he tried to digest all guides Jobs read (Edison, Ansel Adams, etc.), while looking into Bauhaus and many various other design principles.

He even had hours of Jobs audio on a Soundcloud full of speeches he ‘d pay attention to while driving or walking, and even fall asleep to, in order to get the perplexing role right.


Because Jobs typically liked to be outdoors walking and hiking, as well as having meetings in the fresh air, Kutcher did the exact same – which is when he’d practice the weird stooped jump Jobs was understood for.

Kutcher had his own speculations about this particular walking style. He felt Jobs’ barefoot days in the 70s throughout college made him raise his feet higher to avoid stubbing his toes, an action he then just carried on for the rest of his life.

The devotion of Kutcher’s research to reveal us the guy behind the drape seems quite obsessive in nature (heck, it even put him in the healthcare facility as reported earlier this year), and interestingly, provides an additional parallel to Jobs’ own obsessive personality.

Kutcher catches fire

Personality and mop-top makeup aside, the tall bean-pole actor shares various other similarities with Jobs: the capacity to share idealistic soliloquies with extreme interest as if his life depended on it.

Though his topics of conversation practically seemed like a valedictorian speech, Kutcher still won over the audience by revealing exactly what resembled real, articulate ideas on the need for more never-give-up kind of business owners in the tech realm:

‘We require business owners even more than ever before … the great advancement that takes place on the planet is taking place around innovation … we are doing an astonishing task leading the world – the United States is developing innovation and we need to motivate people.’


It seems like he’s taking a page right of Jobs’ book with his need to tell others to rise and be more, and to be much better. Kutcher’s passion for tech is so transparent, he went on to mention Elon Musk and even among the business owners he works with every day as being the next ‘god’ to reinvent tech.

Regardless of who it is, Kutcher adamantly specified that the formula for the next Jobs will need somebody who’s ‘driven, focused and works hard and fearlessly approaches failure, and collapses and returns up.’

For Kutcher, failing consistently will birth the next excellent leader in technology: ‘I ensure you the next person who innovates that way will be someone who’s fallen short many times in their life time.’

Inaccuracies, schminaccuracies

Thought a lot even more was said (as if there was not enough here already) about the imitation of the renowned Apple founder, one issue raised were the discrepancies with reality present in the movie.

Steve Wozniak has actually been singing about this by informing Gizmodo how it was in fact him trying to persuade Jobs about the democratization of innovation – Jobs obviously just wanted to make a quick buck and his towering speeches seen in the trailers, ‘came much further down the line.’

However, Stern declares Jobs always had an aura of mystery that no one might or would’ve the ability to unravel which the movie was not an exact science in terms of genuine events, but was as close as the filmmakers can get.

For Kutcher, near-perfect credibility was also crucial, apparent in his countless hours of research. But what mattered most to him happened after an exclusive screening process held for the original Apple gang – a member strode up to Kutcher and said, ‘Thank you for giving me back 2 hours with Steve.’

And truly, that’s all we can hope from the movie.