Asus's NFC-equipped M70 desktop PC plays nice with Android phones

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Asus just announced the M70 desktop, which it claims is the first desktop PC to feature built-in near field interaction (NFC) technology.

As PC World pointed out today, that’s just half true, the HP Spectre One all-in-one desktop PC has NFC, however it lacks a tower.

So Asus’s M70 is the first desktop PC tower to feature the bump-based information transfer tech – but what does that suggest?

It means that the M70 might be the Android owner’s dream PC.

Sweet NFC dreams

The NFC tech in Asus’ M70 enables the desktop tower to interact with Android phones a number of useful ways.

Using Asus’s NFC Express software application and suitable gadgets like tablets and smartphones, you can move images and videos to the PC over NFC, quick launch apps, games, and web sites, log into Windows 8 without needing to enter a password, and use Wi-Fi GO! Remote Desktop.

The press release revealing the M70 discusses Android devices particularly, and it’s vague whether various other NFC-ready devices will work also.

We reached out to Asus to clarify that point and we will update this story if we hear back.

That’s not all

The M70 also features a wireless charging tray for mobile gadgets on top, plus Asus’s Ai Charger software application, makings mobile gadgets linked with USB charge quicker.

There’s no rates or launch date for the M70 yet, though a range of Intel processors and Nvidia graphics cards are readily available for different configurations.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that custom PC builders can get many of the exact same functions making use of the NFC Express dongle that Asus released last month.