Fantastical and Drafts

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After reviewing Fantastical for iPad, I’ve actually chosen to have a go of making it my control center for all jobs and meetings. I do not like creating jobs by tapping on various fields and categories, so Fantastical’s natural language parsing truly is the ultimate solution for me. There’s nothing incorrect with Fantastical’s UI for this purpose, however I like to use Drafts for producing all my jobs, merely because it loads so swiftly. It took me a little while to understand URL schemes, but this iOS automation guide from @ The_Axx and the Fantastical Frequently Asked Question really assisted me out.

Setting this sequence up needs setting up 2 ‘URL Actions’ in Drafts. You can find this menu by getting in Drafts -> Settings -> URL Actions and creating the following actions:

Meeting – fantastical2: / / parse? sentence= [[ title]] &notes=[[body]]

Task – fantastical2: / / parse? sentence= [[ title]] &notes=[[body]]&reminder=1

The procedure begins like this: I load up Drafts, enter one line of text that explains the meeting/task and due date, and an optional 2nd line of text for a note. If you take a look at the URL schemes above, the [[ title]] tags represent a ?sentence value in Fantastical, and the [[ body]] tag corresponds to the %notes field in Fantastical.

The only difference in each of these URL schemes is that the %reminder=1 line added to the Job action. This forces Fantastical to create a job, without my needing to specify with keywords like “Remind” or “task”.

These URL schemes are established in Drafts as actions, so that I can type in names, dates, and details, and tap on one button to send the conference or job to Fantastical. I can go even further by including add=1 to the end of each URL scheme, which would instruct Fantastical to auto-create the meeting or task (removing even the need to push the “Include’ button within Fantastical).

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