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Lust List: Exchangeable Pannier Knapsack by Two Wheel Gear

When I drove to my office by means of bicycle a couple of years back, I had two choices, a backpack or a pannier bag. The backpack generally won out, since that intends to carry about an enormous set of bags when they reach the office?

But a backpack could get heavy as well as sweaty as it rests on my back while I pedal intensely throughout community to obtain to work, so I would certainly finish up trying the pannier point every now and then, dealing with the unpleasant bring when I would certainly arrive.

Two Wheel Equipment has a wonderful compromise, however, a convertible bag that’s made to link to your rear bike rack, pannier-style, that also converts right into a handsome, rugged knapsack to effortlessly lug about as soon as you reach your destination.

It’s the very best of both globes, really.

Snap it on

This backpack has a creative covert pocket on the back that zooms to access a few sturdy plastic clips that snap right into position on my bike shelf. Riding with one bag onboard can be a bit unbalancing, nevertheless, however it only took a couple of minutes to get used to the extra weight on either side. It after that links to the base of your bike rack with the shoulder bands, creating a safe fit.

Arriving at my destinations with this bag securely attached, it refers secs to unclip it from the bike shelf as well as slide it on a shoulder (or two, in real geek style). I’ve never had a much easier bike-to-back encounter than this.

Fit all your stuff

This convertible knapsack holds a bunch of things, which is unusual for such a small size.

The inside main area has a cushioned sleeve that holds up to a 15-inch laptop easily, my 13-inch MacBook Pro is a wonderful fit. There’s a great little pocket for my sunglasses, an area to place my Kryptonite U-Lock, as well as a huge pocket on the front for the rainfall cover, thoughtfully stowed away inside for journeys through severe climate. There’s pockets for 2 water bottles, one on each side, and also a little reflective loophole that functions as a reflector however likewise lets you hang a blinking light from it.

The material it’s constructed out of is difficult and also UV safeguarded, so it should last and also last via all those cool and also hot rides, season in and also out.

Ultimately, if you’re trying to find a way to obtain your stuff from factor A to factor B on your bike as well as you do not desire to trouble with a big, awkward collection of panniers or a straight-up substantial handbag, this backpack created for bikes is a wonderful mashup of the two.

Price: $129

Buy from: Amazon