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Aspira by Ballistic
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $35

Ballistic’s brand-new Aspira iPhone cases are a little different from your normal ruggedized case. Initially, they are not ugly. Second, they are pretty slim. And 3rd, you can keep them in your pocket.

I’ve actually been testing out a box of things for a little while now and I kinda like them. My friends’ opinions could differ, however.

First, my uncool buddies. I chose to pink and white flowery cover to do my testing, in spite of the 2 lower-key models in the “launch kit” box. And to a guy (as well as lady) I was asked why I did not have a more “manly” case. I avoided bouncing my iPhone off the floor and challenging them “Can your case do that?” but I coulda. Hell, yeah. I entirely coulda.

The Good

The Aspira is virtually all great. It’s light, and yet it’s multi-layer composition offers great shock security. I hadn’t been kidding about the floor bouncing– I dropped my iPhone 5 onto my tiled room floor simply as soon as I ‘d slipped it into this flowery little number and it shrugged it off and asked for even more (note: it didn’t request more).

This is in part thanks to the big edges. Rather of making the whole case fat and bouncy, just the appropriate parts ate enhanced. So the corners get rounded bumpers, the display gets a raised bezel, and the buttons (where exposed) are securely buried at the bottom of shallow cutouts.

Taking photos is a dream: the volume buttons are both covered with their own devoted raised caps, making photo-snapping simple.

This slightly organic shape also makes the Aspira simple to hold. The smooth finish (more on that in a 2nd) has grippy strips on it along the back and the edges so one-handed use is comfy, and taking pictures is a dream: the volume buttons are both covered with their own dedicated caps, which are raised, making photo-snapping simple.

These buttons make picture-taking simple, while staying out the crud.

And that smooth shell (in addition to the slim profile) mean that you can keep this case in a front pants wallet. I wear pretty slim jeans thanks to the oath I reclaimed when I was a Hipster (it’s like the Masons’ oath, just with natural kefir rather of ox blood, and great deals of pictures taken with boxy old movie cameras), and the case enters and out simply fine. It’s not precisely slimline, but it truly doesn’t appear to be bulky at all.

The Bad

From the front, it’s pretty subtle.

Not much. In fact I (unlike my gender-ossified pals) just have a single problem. The lip.

The lip is the bit of plastic which bumps into all-time low of the case. It’s there due to the fact that of the cutout on the base which gives access to the Lightning connector and the speakers, and on the Aspira it kind of flaps freely around due to the fact that it’s only joined at its ends.

I expect it does give your fingers something to fiddle with, but if your iPhone was to drop bottom-end first onto, say, a bike top-tube, with a small screen-ward tilt (remain with me here), then it could get a great crack on its edge. Might. It’s unlikely but worth learning about.

The Verdict

I don’t have any trouble advising the Aspira. It’s difficult and excellent looking. It suits completely with exactly what I make use of the iPhone for, and it includes extremely little weight (25 grams, or about an ounce). You can of course select a more neutral colorway (consisting of a dull all-black model), but where’s the enjoyable because? Like casting Chris Reeve as Superman, occasionally we like the contrast between rather and difficult.