bandswapper, appleAs the Apple Watch pre-orders remain to develop today, it deserves noting a couple of third-party websites which prepare to give solutions to very early adopters of Apple’s new wearable tool. One of those websites is BandSwapper, which will certainly allow customers switch out their unused Apple Watch Sport Band for an additional portion and also color.

As was uncovered very closely following Apple’s huge ‘Springtime Ahead’ event last month, every version of the Apple Watch that ships from a Sporting activity Band – meaning both aluminum and stainless-steel – can be found in 2 dimensions for both the 38mm and also 42mm casing portions. The smaller 38mm situation covers 130-200mm wrists in both S/M as well as M/L bands, while the bigger 42mm alternative ranges in between 140-210mm wrists in S/M and M/L bands.
BandSwapper strategies to fix the extraneous multi-band option by enabling Sport Band customers to exchange the band they will not utilize, for a completely various portion as well as shade band that they will. As the site asserts on its presently sparse homepage, ‘It takes 5 mins as well as prices only $6.”

Here’s How it Works:
1. Inform us which band you have and which you want.
2. Send us your extra band with one of our pre-paid shipping labels.
3. We’ll send you back a band in the dimension and also color you want.

Presently, the most customers could do to prepare for band exchanging is provide the web site an e-mail address to remind them when the BandSwapper storefront will certainly be real-time, which will coincide from the Apple Watch’s official launch on April 24.

As expected, a great deal of Apple Watch-related news remains to circulate today as pre-order estimations begin sliding rapidly and also much more information on the Watch’s warranty surfaces.
Update: As a number of viewers have pointed out, customers do not actually receive two full sport bands, rather obtaining 3 band items that together allow for 2 different band dimensions. Because of this, BandSwapper’s solution will not allow users to trade for a full band.