NetherRealm Studios, the group behind Imjustice: Gods Among Us and Batman: Arkham City Lockdown, is developing a free-to-play version of Batman: Arkham Origins for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The game, to be launched throughout the “console game launch window,” is a touch and swipe brawler where players will regulate the Dark Knight as he faces “a variety of DC Comics’ most lethal assassins.”

Batman: Arkham Origins

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Players will have the opportunity to earn special Batsuits and in-game currency and rewards. For those who play and register both the iOS and console versions with a Warner Bros. ID, there will be exclusive bonus content “not available in other places.”

‘We developed an incorporated games ecosystem between the Batman: Arkham Origins mobile and console games, which delivers incentives and opens that offer greater experiences for players,’ said Ed Benefit, Creative Director, NetherRealm Studios. ‘The mobile game goes together with exactly what’s offered on the other platforms.’

The game will debut on iOS initially with an Android variation to follow sometime during the holiday season. To find out more and the most recent updates, check out or go to Facebook.