Slitherine, the publisher of Battle Academy, has released a brand-new approach title for the iPad called Hell: Fight for Gilrand. In Hell, players could pick to command the Order of Glow or a military of devils as they fight for control of the dream realm Gilrand. The game includes simple to use touch controls for the iPad, however it is not a very easy title to master, according to Pocket Gamer.

Hell: Fight for Gilrand, ipad

One does not just stroll into Gilrand … Players must outmaneuver their opponents by utilizing a variety of critical maneuvers as well as enchanting spells to gain bonuses that give them a benefit in fight. The video game includes various devices as well as assistance units with their own special capabilities as well as attacks for gamers to utilize. The main Application Establishment description listings ‘paladins as well as flying gryphon cyclists to demonic hellions and hellhounds’ as several of the offered units. Soldiers also acquire encounter for effective strikes and also protection, and also earn benefits for surface advantages as well as morale.

Hell: Fight for Gilrand includes one single gamer project with 20 one-of-a-kind levels and also go across system multiplayer functionality (iOS and also COMPUTER).

The iPad version is readily available now for $9.99 on the App Establishment. You could learn more about Hell: Fight for Gilrand at or using its main Steam page.