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A leaked image of what appears to be Logitech’s gamepad for the iPhone has hit the Twitter wire today, by means of the @ evleaks account. The account has been understood to reliably tweet photos of upcoming products from a variety of mobile business consisting of Samsung, Nokia and others.

The gamepad looks a lot like the leaked prototype from earlier this year and images that were shown during presentations to Apple’s WWDC developer attendees back in June. The pad has 4 physical buttons on the right, exactly what seems two bumper buttons on the top and a d-pad left wing.

Apple additionaled support for gamepads with its iOS 7 upgrade, but the gamepads themselves have yet to emerge. Logitech likewise teased the controllers last month with a picture of empty hands and an iPhone.

There were three kinds of controllers pointed out throughout Apple’s discussions consisting of 2 types of ‘case controllers’ and a standalone system that connects with the iPhone via Bluetooth. Any one of those controllers would offer even more exact tactile control over platformers, shooters and any variety of various other game kinds that do not doing this well with touch displays.

Two of the possible designs that Apple flaunted consisted of dual thumbsticks, but it doesn’t appear that this design includes those. Logitech is an MFi (Produced iPod) participant, so this would likely be produced under that partner program.

Previously, accessory makers had to depend on very inadequate Bluetooth keyboard hacks to mimic the button inputs of a gamepad. The new integration will allow not only physical connection by means of the Lightning port however likewise more accurate button mapping and much better feedback times.

The addition of gamepad support comes at an intriguing time for Apple, as games incomes for Android and iOS begin to equal those from established giants like Nintendo. If these take off– specifically if they do integrate analog sticks– it could spell genuine problem for the powerhouse portable business represented by providings like the Nintendo DS line.