BeaverTap Games, the studio behind the popular platformer Mikey Shorts, has today launched a second game, Mikey Hooks.

Mikey Hooks incorporates the platform-style gameplay of Mikey Shorts, but adds an user-friendly grappling hook mechanic. As with the previous game, the objective is to obtain with each level as rapidly as possible to earn 3 stars, which typically indicates several plays of every stage to find out the ins and outs of enemy and obstacle locations.

In addition to 36 challenging stages to finish, the game includes a variety of unlockable character items, secondary goals, and a dedicated race mode that allows players to contend against AI ghosts.

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Our sister site TouchArcade has published a first review Mikey Hooks, and called it the ‘piece of cake download of the week.’

If you played Mikey Shorts last year, things will feel mighty familiar in Mikey Hooks. Certainly the big modification is the capacity to swing from parts of a level making use of a grappling hook, however this mechanic has been implemented so well it virtually seems like it’s always existed.

Besides the basic changes of hooking and damage, Mikey Hooks is still all about the levels. Perfectly timed jumps, slides and now hooks will lead you to triumph and a 3-star completion time. Also, do not forget about collecting every coin and the hidden golden shorts on each level, and in location of the previous game’s Difficulty levels there’s now Racing levels which include AI ghosts to race against.

The game includes both iCade and Joypad support, in addition to iCloud conserves and Game Facility accomplishments and leaderboards. Mikey Hooks is a universal app that can be downloaded from the App Store for $1.99.