In January of 2015, Belkin stated it was working with Apple to include HomeKit compatibility to its preferred line of WeMo wise items ‘in the very close to future,’ however more than a year later, HomeKit-compatible WeMo items have not debuted.
As it transforms out, Belkin seems placing its strategies to present HomeKit compatibility on hold since there is no method to add HomeKit to items that are already on the marketplace. Belkin would have to develop a whole line of brand-new HomeKit-enabled WeMo products, something that the business claims it is not thinking about doing in at the time being. The info was provided MacRumors viewers Steve on Facebook after he wondered about HomeKit.

We have actually been attempting to incorporate with HomeKit for sometime, as you recognize, but as of yet have not discovered a way to make existing WeMo products collaborate with HomeKit that drop within the Apple standards. HomeKit combination calls for a certain hardware element – it can not occur with simply a software program or firmware upgrade – which implies that we would have to make a separate line of HomeKit allowed WeMo products along with the ones already out on the market.
This additionally means that all of the WeMo products you already have still would not deal with HomeKit and also you would have to get brand-new ones in order to get compatibility. We have placed HomeKit compatibility on hold until we could locate a way to make it function for both new as well as existing users. We regret the disappointing news.

The WeMo Facebook representative goes on to say that ‘absolutely nothing is off the table’ yet the business wishes to make certain that its product decisions ‘make good sense for the entire WeMo environment’ and all present as well as future users.
Apple’s HomeKit system has particular and strict safety requirements [PDF] that should be consisted of with products that Apple approves as HomeKit suitable. Existing Belkin WeMo products may not meet Apple’s safety and security specs, which have actually been described as ‘bleeding edge.’
Apple’s need for strong end-to-end security, even for Bluetooth LE, has been citied as one of the reasons that HomeKit-enabled items were sluggish to roll out to consumers following the mid-2015 HomeKit launch. Unless Apple unwinds its requirements, which appears unlikely, HomeKit compatibility will not come to the WeMo line till Belkin decides to create brand-new HomeKit-enabled products.
With a huge range of WeMo items, from wise electrical outlets and also light bulbs to electronic cameras and also crockpots, currently on the marketplace, it’s not difficult to comprehend Belkin’s hesitation to produce all brand-new products and also alienate its existing client base. Some customers utilizing the WeMo line could have hundreds of dollars invested in various products, and also for existing customers thinking about HomeKit compatibility, every one of those things would certainly have to be repurchased.