There are a significant number of wearable task trackers on the marketplace, but few of those are directed especially at ladies, a concern Bellabeat aims to take care of with the Fallen leave. The Leaf is a task tracker that looks more like a trendy piece of fashion jewelry than a typical tracker from a business like Jawbone, Nike, or Fitbit, camouflaging itself as a ‘fallen leave’ accessory able to be endured the wrist, collar, or neck.
Like several activity trackers on the marketplace, the Leaf tracks steps taken as well as rest high quality, but when coupleded with the application utilizing Bluetooth, it also tracks menstrual cycle and also ovulation and also it offers directed breathing workouts to decrease tension when worn around the neck, establishing it in addition to various other physical fitness offerings.


As the name suggests, the Fallen leave is a Leaf-shaped device containing a stainless steel support, a timber base (American Ashwood) housing the task tracker as well as battery, and also a stainless steel leaf-shaped clip that suits over the wooden section. With the clip, it could be worn on a tee shirt collar or hem (less compared to 2mm thick), and also with add-ons at the top and also bottom, it can be connected to a chain and put on around the neck or attached to a natural leather loop and also worn around the wrist. Both the pendant chain and also the natural leather wrist band ship with the Leaf.
Size wise, the Leaf weighs 0.64 ounces and also measures in at 1.89 inches by 1.18 inches as well as it’s a half an inch thick. I am small with tiny wrists and also it fit on my wrist making use of the tightest cover setting. It fit to wear on my wrist, yet it looked large on me.
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As a locket, it’s bigger compared to any sort of pendant I would typically use as well as its weight was a little uncomfortable at times, but also for a person utilized to huge lockets, the dimension will certainly be no large offer. It’s definitely a statement piece. Clipped to pants or a t-shirt, it was in some cases as well thick to be totally comfortable, but it was something I got made use of to over the course of the screening period.
The Leaf is functional, however the flexibility comes at a price. For activity monitoring, it requires to be worn on the wrist, around the neck, or on the collar of a t-shirt, but also for breathing exercises, it should be used at the midsection, clipped inside your pants. When resting, the recommended method is affixed to the hem of a pajama shirt.
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In any type of provided day, to get one of the most out of the product, you should shift the Fallen leave around several times. That’s very little of a trouble when worn around the neck or on a shirt collar, yet when put on around the wrist, the Leaf connects to a leather cover that takes some time and also effort to place on. With most activity trackers, they’re put on one method as well as can be put on as well as forgotten, but that’s not the situation with the Leaf.
In enhancement to changing the method I used the Fallen leave daily, I likewise needed to be watchful of maintaining it away from water. Given that it’s made of wood, the Fallen leave is not water resistant and can’t be used while swimming or in the shower. Bellabeat claims it could handle sweat throughout an exercise, which I found to be true, but I bewared not to obtain it wet when washing my hands when I used it on my wrist, because the leather band is also not visiting hold up to water.
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The Fallen leave utilizes a basic CR 2032 coin cell battery offered at any electronic devices shop, so it does not require asking for. Bellabeat claims the battery lasts for approximately six months, however after 2 months with the Leaf, my battery is still appearing at ONE HUNDRED percent. Altering the battery won’t have to be done frequently, yet it’s a definite headache. There are four little pentalobe screws holding the backplate on, so those should be removed before the battery is accessible.
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Activity Tracking

I contrasted the Fallen leave to an Apple Watch as well as numerous various other activity trackers and found its action counting to be sensibly precise. When the Fallen leave was first launched, the action checking might be off by a fair bit or recorded inaccurately by the application, yet numerous of the very early bugs have been fixed through app and firmware updates. It’s a whole lot more stable as well as accurate today than it was a month ago.
The Fallen leave is generally within a couple of hundred steps of various other activity trackers, as well as it doesn’t seem to be over or underestimating actions taken. It had the tendency to get somewhat more activity when endured the wrist rather than put on a tee shirt, but that makes good sense when you account for arm movements. It’s best to wear it on the wrist or on pants– on the collar of a tee shirt or around the neck, action monitoring came to be less accurate.
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It’s worth noting the Leaf just recognizes motion through actions taken. It isn’t really able to spot when activity gets, separating workout from normal steps like the Withings Activité or Apple Watch might, and also it’s not able to record workouts of any type of kind. While my Leaf appeared to be within a few hundred actions of what my Apple Watch was recording, there are complaints on the firm’s Facebook page as well as in the App Shop recommending other users are having much more trouble with task tracking accuracy.

Sleep Tracking

As for rest monitoring, I at first had a hard time obtaining the Leaf to instantly place itself right into rest mode, which is when I found out that for sleep, it’s ideal to clip it to a pajama shirt or base. When worn on the wrist, it will not constantly go right into rest mode. Clipped to pajamas, it was better about discovering rest, but was still unreliable– it couldn’t consistently inform when I entered bed as well as usually recorded much as well much or inadequate sleep.
While depending on automated sleep tracking does not work all of the time, there’s a choice to go into exact sleep/wake times in the app. The Fallen leave is still taping movement, so when sleep/wake times are gotten in, it could after that take place to approximate just how much light sleep and exactly how much deep rest was achieved each night.
iphoneIncorrect sleep tracking instance on left, right by hand gone into sleep times on right
Sleep top quality estimates with the Leaf and various other task trackers are constantly of doubtful use considering that there’s no method to determine their accuracy. The Fallen leave specifically appeared off considering that it never sensed times when I obtained out of bed during the night.
Wearing the Leaf, the Jawbone UP, and the Withings Activité Pop during one night of rest resulted in three really various rest maps. Rest tracking works for measuring exactly how much general rest you’re obtaining each evening, however I wouldn’t check out way too much into the quality breakdowns.

Breathing Exercises

Bellabeat advertises three primary aspects of the Fallen leave: rest monitoring, task monitoring, and breathing exercises to manage stress.
Before the Leaf was launched, the advertising and marketing products recommended it would certainly have the ability to track breathing during the day when used around the neck, determining anxiety levels, however that’s not just how the breathing function operates in the last product.
Instead, what the Leaf does is step breathing through led breathing exercises. To use the breathing workouts, the Leaf needs to be connected to the within band of a set of pants, relaxing against the stomach. A breathing session is initiated with the application, where there are several levels of breathing workouts, started with a tutorial.
The app encourages users to spend around 15 minutes a day doing breathing exercises, and this is a function I was not a fan of at all. The breathing workouts are guided by a recording giving vocal instructions on strategy, advising users to take a breath via their nostrils while restricting their throats.
I was never clear on whether I was breathing in the appropriate way based upon the ambiguous directions, and also at no point was the Leaf able to remedy method. The suggestion is to take a breath throughout the 5 or six minute workout, getting a ranking at the end on ‘reliability.’
The first time I did the breathing exercise, I earned a 0 percent accurate score. I assumed I misbehaved at breathing, but it ends up the Fallen leave needs to be extremely snug against the stomach– the band of my shorts great deal had not been limited sufficient. The 2nd time I obtained a rating of 60 percent, however I was never ever clear on exactly what reliability represented.
I did several days worth of breathing workouts, however eventually, I lost hope on them. They’re meant to soothe stress, yet I really did not find them to be helpful and the act of doing them didn’t provide me with any sort of beneficial information.
Someone more thinking about utilizing breathing strategies for relaxation may discover the breathing component of the Fallen leave to be an useful and also advantageous addition to the activity tracker, but it wasn’t a function I found convincing. I’m disappointed what was initially advertised as stress detection has been curtailed to assisted meditation. Bellabeat’s web site still says the Fallen leave has the ability to ‘examine stress,’ yet I never received any type of stress-related notifies or recommendations.

Bellabeat App

An task tracker like the Fallen leave that doesn’t have a built-in display depends on its accompanying application to supply details to users, and also the top quality of the app has a huge influence on the efficiency of the product.
The Bellabeat application has a kindlying aesthetic style, however also after a number of updates, it’s riddled with bugs and also it’s missing out on a vital attributes. On a close to everyday basis, it logs me out and I have to log in once again, which is a continuous disappointment, as well as there are frequent freezes as well as crashes. Syncing is also complicated at times. To sync the Fallen leave with the application, you should tap on it, which does not constantly function. I commonly need to tap multiple times to get it to sync.
For daily, the app shows task degree, rest duration, as well as the amount of time invested in breathing workouts. There are bars to stand for each measurement, as well as a tap on bench shows more details, such as active calories shed, specific variety of actions taken, and distance traveled.
mobile phoneThe level of the Fallen leave app’s capacity to reveal activity as well as sleep over time
With most activity trackers, there’s a way to view general task as well as health and wellness in time, but that’s not a function in the Leaf app. There’s just a day view and also a basic week view displaying straightforward bars, so getting historical data over time is impossible.
The Leaf app supplies period and ovulation monitoring, however it’s simple. The application has an area for getting in the first and also last days of a menstruation pattern and also it uses the information to forecast future ovulation as well as period days. Tracking menstruations and ovulation times by date alone is imprecise in a finest situation scenario, and not helpful for a person with an irregular cycle.
There are a couple of various other attributes in the Fallen leave application. It’s feasible to establish informs that trigger the Fallen leave to buzz after substantial periods of inactivity, based on 5 various inclination levels, as well as there’s a feature for an alarm system that will trigger the Leaf to buzz at a marked time to wake you up. The whiring function of the Fallen leave is fairly refined, so it’s just visiting wake the lightest of sleepers. This is not an alarm system I ‘d rely upon to get up for work.
Alarms can be set for other points like supplement suggestions, yet signals and surprises all have the very same vibration pattern, making it difficult to tell the reason behind why the Fallen leave is buzzing.

Bottom Line

The Fallen leave is a unique-looking task tracker that’s more versatile than a lot of alternatives on the marketplace, however there are guaranteed drawbacks that will dissuade some users from acquiring the Fallen leave over various other task trackers.
It’s not a gadget able to be used at all times since it’s not waterproof, and the different modes require it to be worn in different ways. Activity monitoring is accurate if basic, yet prospective customers must be aware sleep requires to be gone into manually due to inaccuracies and also its ‘anxiety monitoring’ is essentially non-existent.
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The application is also extremely standard as well as missing out on several functions in contrast to the apps from contending task trackers, and not all customers are going to such as the breathing workouts, which is a significant marketing factor of the device.
On the plus side, the Leaf is an appealing piece of precious jewelry and also Bellabeat is off to a solid start. Several of the problems with the Fallen leave can be addressed through application updates, firmware enhancements, as well as tiny function additions, so it has the prospective to enhance a fair bit over the following couple of months to become much more than just a very pedometer.
I would certainly suggest waiting for Bellabeat to fix a few of the bugs with the application prior to purchasing or pre-ordering the Leaf, as well as I would certainly encourage possible buyers to contrast it to other activity trackers on the market prior to deciding. The Leaf earns a bunch of factors for looks, yet it neglects to measure up in performance for the time being.

  • Attractive, looks like jewelry
  • Versatile
  • App is visually appealing
  • Doesn’t need to charge


  • Not waterproof
  • Stress tracking isn’t a true feature
  • Sleep tracking is inaccurate
  • App is buggy
  • No choice for tracking exercise
  • Menstrual cycle/ovulation monitoring is rudimentary

How to Buy

The Bellabeaf Fallen leave is being sold in batches, and also the very first consumers who purchased have actually currently obtained their gadgets. Bellabeat is planning to ship Fallen leave task trackers to consumers who bought in the second as well as 3rd ordering rounds, and also is currently enabling new consumers to enroll in a waiting list to order during the fourth round.