blocked numbers iOS 7 beta

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Remember that any of the iOS 7 beta features and pointers we share with you could alter before the latest mobile os from Apple hits the streets this coming fall.

Also, be sure that you are not using a beta iOS 7 on an iPhone you’ve to get work done on—Apple has provided it without guarantee for developers to begin working with, not for you to utilize on any mission vital jobs.

Another of the most exciting new features coming to iOS 7 is call blocking, in my viewpoint. To be able to keep folks from texting or calling has actually got to be among the more asked for functions on the iPhone, since the start.

iOS 7 beta has two places to obstruct numbers. Below’s where they are, and how to include numbers to your obstructed list.

First up, use your Settings app, then tap Messages. Scroll to the bottom and tap on Blocked. Once there, tap Include New … then all your Contacts will slide up from the bottom, letting you pick folks in your contact list to block.

Tapping back out to the main Settings app, and then tap on Phone. Near the bottom, you’ll see the location to tap, called Blocked. Tap there, then select a number from your Contacts, as above with Messages.

It seems a bit counter-intuitive to obstruct Contacts instead of current calls or Messages, as the majority of the numbers I want to obstruct are not folks I have contributed to my Contacts. It would be nice to have a means to do this from the Messages or Phone app, also. Let us hope that gets added to the beta in time.