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As far as smartphone video cameras have actually come with enhanced low-light capturing as well as smart LED flash, there will always be some situations in which you could use merely a little bit more light. This is especially real for digital photographers who wish to make smart changes for their images, or people who often do the majority of their socializing in the evening. It’s worth radiating a light on iblazr 2, a great Bluetooth LED flash.

This successor to Concepter’s initial iblazr isn’t really simply your regular cordless LED flash. It’s furnished with bunches of functions that let me make improvements the means I want my image to come out. The most important attribute for me is that it functions with the indigenous camera apps on iOS and also Android. According to Concepter’s web site, it’s the only wireless LED flash that does.

iblazr’s special sauce

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The iblazr 2 has 4 LED lights fit into a little, mobile rectangle that takes up the footprint of a bit even more than 2 surrounding nickels. It’s very easy to bring wherever I go. It even includes a small keychain hook and also silicone diffuser/case so I could tether it to my keys.

It features a smartphone clip as well. This just moves into my phone (also with a moderately thick situation on my apple iphone), and after that the light slides into the clip. It functions like a charm.

Two of the four LED lights have a cozy, yellow different colors temperature while the other 2 have an amazing, white different colors temperature level. This is not just to cancel all the light releasing from the iblazr, however because the device additionally permits me to manually change the shade temperature. On the back is a touch-sensitive lightning sign – if I move my finger up or down throughout it, the different colors temperature of the lights will transform. On one end, it becomes entirely warm by dimming the cooler LEDs as well as on the other it’s completely cool by dimming the warmer ones.

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This touch-sensitive behind is additionally what I double-press when I intend to take a picture with my native electronic camera application. While I wish I can trigger the flash simply by pressing the iPhone’s shutter button, I picture that’s a software constraint on Apple’s part.

In regards to brightness level, yeah, the iblazr 2 obtains incredibly brilliant. There are 2 illumination setups: Press once for typical light and press twice for an illumination boost. Even on the lower setup, I can barely look straight at the lights. I experimented with it while keying this review and I had to stop inputting for 30 seconds due to the fact that the LEDs momentarily blinded me. Yet hey, if I want top quality low-light images, that’s the type of lights I want.

iblazr’s own app


If you typically aren’t pleased with your smart device’s indigenous cam app, you can make use of iblazr 2’s free friend application called Shotlight. It could cause the iblazr with a shutter switch, as well as it provides other setups for brightening the flash, readjusting shade temperature level and also messing with camera settings like ISO right from the app. I was fretted by Shotlight’s bad App Store evaluations, but I didn’t have any sort of issue with the application at all.

Now for the disadvantages, yet there typically aren’t several. One, I do want the iblazr was a little bit a lot more protected inside the smartphone clip. It slides in so perfectly that I’m concerned it’ll merely move right back out as the clip loosens gradually. Two, battery life excels yet could possibly be better. It can survive hundreds of images in an evening, which is outstanding, but it’ll only last around 20 mins as a persistent video light. I would’ve suched as a minimum of a half-hour.

The verdict

The iblazr 2 is most definitely worth its $59.99 cost tag due to the fact that you obtain the complete plan: the flash itself, charging cord, silicone diffuser (which functions as a situation in my eyes), keychain clip and also smartphone clip. I have virtually everything I require now to take awesome low-light photos on the go, as well as iblazr 2 obtains the work done wonderfully.