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Fed up of changing your iPhone case whenever you wish to use an external battery pack or include a kickstand? Well, Boostcase for iPhone 5 want to make that a thing of the past. It’s just one case, but it’s compatible with a ton of attachments that move into little grooves on its back and add all kinds of additional functionality to your phone.

BOOSTCASE by Boostcase
Category: Cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $35+

I’ve actually been utilizing Boostcase for the previous two weeks, thanks to MyBanana, with a kickstand and a hand strap. But you can likewise get an external battery pack, a card holder, a wallet case, a clutch case, a studded jacket (which is not really as saucy as it sounds), and more– all which can be applied in seconds without ever needing to remove the Boostcase from your iPhone.

The Boostcase itself costs $35 in a variety of various colors and patterns, and for that you also get the hand strap and the kickstand. The other attachments range from $20 to $100.

So, let us discover whether Boostcase is the only case you’ll ever require for your iPhone.

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The holes.

The Boostcase doesn’t look too different from any other snap-on iPhone case when it’s on its own, however it’s the little holes on its back that make it special, because they hold all the accessories that I’ve actually mentioned above.

I did not get a chance to test all those, regrettably, I just got the two that come with the Boostcase itself. However I did get a great feel for exactly how simple they’re to apply, how helpful they can be, and exactly how excellent the Boostcase itself is as a case.

The Good

Just since the Boostcase has a couple of holes in its back, it does not indicate it did not0 supply you with the same level of security you ‘d expect from other snap-on cases. Its made from a really study plastic and it covers the back, sides, and corners of your iPhone to make sure that its svelte aluminum body did not0 get scratched or harmed if it occurs to take a tumble.

There’s also a small lip that diminishes the side of your device to shield the display. When I say small, I indicate it will prevent your display from getting scratched if you place if face-down on your desk, however it couldn’t assist a lot if your iPhone falls face-first on a rough surface.

The charm of the Boostcase is that you can quickly remove and reapply accessories as and when you’ve to.

The Boostcase also provides you with full access to your iPhone’s buttons, ports, and video cameras, and all of the accessories that are readily available are designed to accommodate the rear-facing camera– so you do not need to fret about any of them blocking it.

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The hand strap.

The kickstand accessory is neat, due to the fact that it’s little enough to bring around in your pocket and it holds your iPhone in landscape mode when you wish to catch up on your favorite TELEVISION shows on the train. You did not1 wish to keep it connected to your phone all the time because it looks silly and it protrudes, however that’s the beauty of the Boostcase– you can quickly get rid of and reapply anything as and when you need to.

As for the hand strap, that’s useful if did not2 particularly awkward and you require something additional to hold onto to avoid you from dropping your gadget. You might also use it to hook your iPhone onto things, such as a the drawer handle alongside your bed, but I don’t actually see it being anymore beneficial than that.

Again, there are lots of other, better attachments for the Boostcase that’d make it even higher. I just did not get a possibility to test those, unfortunately, but perhaps I might for future reviews.

The Bad

The hand strap must actually be called the finger strap, since that’s all you can really get into it. Even I might just fit two fingers in easily, and I only have little, girly hands. You can still get a pretty good grip on your iPhone with it, but it does look larger in the photos than it actually is.

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I’d 2 gripes with the Boostcase case itself. Initially, it doesn’t protect the leading or bottom edged of your iPhone– those are left completely exposed– so if you drop your gadget and did not2 unfortunate more than enough to have it come down on those edges, it’s going to get harmed.

The Boostcase has 26 holes it does not require.

Second, the Boostcase accessories make the most of just 2 holes on the top of the case and 2 holes at the bottom, yet its makers went and drilled another 26 in there for apparently no reason whatsoever. I am guessing it was a design thing, which the holes are expected to look good, however they do not.

What’s more, than can collect dust and dirt after a while, and you need to eliminate the case and give it a quick clean. I ‘d have much preferred it if there were just 4 holes.

The Verdict

The Boostcase differs any other iPhone case I have ever made use of, and I actually like it.

The Boostcase is unlike any other iPhone case I’ve actually ever utilized, and I truly like it. I am for life changing cases to add credit card space or a kickstand or an external battery, however with the boost case it’s as simple as popping among and moving the other on. You can stick all the attachments you understand did not2 going to need in your bag before you going of for the day, and you do not have to worry about lugging extra cases.

It’s also exciting to think of the other attachments Boostcase may open your iPhone as much as in the future. Maybe we will see an electronic camera tripod or cam lenses, and even a clip-on games controller.

While the Boostcase does have a few downsides, it’s a terrific snap-on case, and it ares better when you begin adding attachments to it. And if those attachments are things you understand you’ll make use of, I extremely suggest it.