Just months after the Apple Watch was launched, there are dozens otherwise numerous various stand choices readily available on the market. The Bloc Power Bank from Boostcase stands apart because of its distinct long, flat form and also the reality that it has a built-in battery pack that could charge the Apple Watch while on the go.
Made from strong light weight aluminum, the Bloc Power Financial institution comes in Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Flower Gold, Timber, and also Stainless Steel, to match all of the various Apple Watch options that are available. I went hands-on with the silver aluminum design to see just how it determines up to various other readily available base on the market as well as whether the integrated battery is a valuable function.
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Design and Setup

As with all Apple Watch stands, the Bloc is designed to function with the billing cable that ships with the Apple Watch, and therefore it does not consist of a built-in asking for wire. Dimension sensible, the Bloc is simply under 10 inches long, just over half an inch thick, and also two inches wide. It weighs 408 grams, or 0.90 extra pounds with both the battery pack affixed and also the Apple Watch charger in place.
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If you’re thinking that appears both unwieldy and also heavy, that’s a right presumption. At 10 inches long and almost a pound in weight, the Bloc isn’t exactly just what I would certainly call mobile, since it’s not visiting suit comfortably in a knapsack or a purse. Considering that it’s level and also rectangular, the Bloc could only be utilized with open-loop bands like the Sporting activity Band, the Modern Buckle, and also the Timeless Buckle.
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It’s not visiting agree with for the closed-loop bands like the Milanese Loop, the Leather Loophole, or the Link Bracelet because the Apple Watch has to be able to lay standard on the surface to bill. It’s durable as well as tough, as well as the wall charger is somewhat increased to reduce the Apple Watch from entering into contact with the aluminum. Considering that it lays level, the Bloc is not going to assist iOS 9’s upcoming Night table Mode, a significant negative if you prepare to make use of the Apple Watch as a nighttime clock.
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At this point, I have actually checked a number of Apple Watch stands and also I can state undoubtedly that the Bloc was the most tough and also irritating to assemble. The Apple Watch charger is put in a little rubber cap and also matched a port at the top of the Bloc, and afterwards the cable is wound through all-time low of the Bloc in a maze-like means prior to the USB portion linkeds into the included battery pack (which is detachable).
Winding the cable television via the Bloc took me numerous tries since it calls for an accurate fit. The cord should be extremely strict and packed down all the means into the grooves in the Bloc stand, which is finished with a little tool. When the wire isn’t really aligned specifically, it’s not visiting get to the USB port, and while it might seem very easy to wind a cable television, let me tell you, it’s not.
In fact, winding that wire with the Bloc seemed like I was doing a difficult puzzle and it took an excellent 20 mins for me to determine I should overlook the instructions and also wind from the USB side and also reverse from there. I made use of a 1m Apple Watch cord yet if you have a 2m cable, you’re visiting should do the winding procedure two times over for dual the frustration.
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Given the intense wire administration in the Bloc Power Financial institution, I would certainly prepare to buy an additional cable television for it. Many individuals are not visiting really want to get rid of the cable television repeatedly once again for use without the Bloc, so consider it permanently attached. I’m likewise not exactly sure what twisting and also pulling an Apple Watch cable television around all of those contours does to it, but I’m sure it’s not good.

The Battery Pack

Once the cable is in place, the Apple Watch and also the battery pack consisted of with the Bloc are billed together via a micro-USB cable television that ships with the product. At 2,000 mAh, Boostcase guarantees the Bloc will certainly have the ability to ask for the Apple Watch to full 4 times over, which I discovered to be true in my testing.
With my 38mm Apple Watch, I really obtained practically 5 complete charges from the Bloc instance, but it might be closer to 4 fees for the 42mm Apple Watch, which has a slightly bigger battery. That suggests I can potentially take the Bloc situation on a vacation where I really did not have power and have a functional Apple Watch for virtually a week, yet with the weight and also dimension of the Bloc case, I’m not certain I would certainly wish to do that.
Battery level on the Bloc shows up through 3 LEDs behind the gadget beside the micro-USB port, offering a rough estimation of just how much battery is left.

Bottom Line

Boostcase’s Bloc Power Financial institution is an enigma. It’s a product that has an integrated battery that could ask for the Apple Watch when you’re away from home, however it’s not portable adequate to make that worthwhile, neither is there any sort of kind of traveling case included. It’s fantastic on a desk because it’s slim, but on a workdesk, that integrated battery isn’t really specifically valuable, and also it’s costly as compared to other options.

I do not know who would certainly use this product due to the fact that it seems to be fixing an issue that does not already existing. As an individual that takes a trip a lot, the form and also the weight of the Bloc eliminate it as something I would certainly pack considering that it’s a great deal larger compared to just a conventional Apple Watch wall charger. I may use it at my workdesk, yet its lack of ability to work with closed-loop bands restricts its usefulness.
The integrated battery could be removed from the Bloc and used on a standalone basis with an Apple Watch or iPhone, however I’m not certain why anybody would wish to utilize this solution over a dedicated battery pack. In fact, if I were to take a trip and need extra juice for my Apple Watch, I ‘d a lot rather bring my standalone Apple Watch battery charger and something like the Mophie Powerstation Plus, because that would have to do with the same rate and a lot even more portable.
Visually, the Bloc is eye-catching and also its lengthy design is distinct, so I could see somebody purchasing it as a desktop battery charger, but also for most individuals, there are a lot more useful, cost effective Apple Watch stands available.

  • Solid construction
  • Lots of color options
  • Battery fees Apple Watch to complete 4 times


  • Heavy
  • Oddly shaped
  • Doesn’t work with all bands
  • Expensive
  • Frustrating to set up
  • Doesn’t collaborate with Night table Mode

How to Buy

Boostcase’s Bloc Power Financial institution for Apple Watch can be bought from the Boostcase site. There are six different surfaces readily available, each valued at $79.95.