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Apple and EA are both categorically rejecting a report that surfaced late the other day that money exchanged hands to keep Popcap hit Plant kingdom Vs. Zombies 2 an unique to iOS. Grabbed discuss the matter, both EA and Apple informed us that ‘it’s just not true.’

The report, from gaming site Giant Bomb, had estimated EA Labels head Frank Gibeau as telling employees at a closed conference that ‘Apple gave us a truckload of cash to put off the Android variation [of Plants vs Zombies 2]’

Since the meeting was a shut session, EA wouldn’t comment on exactly what was said there, but our sources are informing us that Gibeau did undoubtedly make a statement the same as that. However we are likewise hearing that it was meant as an off-the-cuff joke of kinds, and was gotten of context by either the report or the source made use of for the quote.

But both EA and Apple definitely denied that any repayments were made to EA by Apple in exchange for iOS exclusivity on PvZ 2.

Since the game isn’t out for Android gadgets beyond China and launched on iOS several weeks back, the reports were quick to gather attention and trustworthiness. However whatever Gibeau said in the meeting, both companies are flat out stating that there was no arrangement to pay EA.

Here’s the major catch to many of these arguments about Apple and exclusivity: It actually doesn’t have to pay developers cash to launch on iOS initially, they do it anyway. The marketing power of the App Store is incredible, and on a per-customer basis, iOS individuals invest more cash and purchase more apps than Android users. That’s also true on the whole for now, however can alter as the sheer volume of Android devices neutralizes the smaller sized ‘per-device’ spend on the platform.

That’s not to state that there is not really some effort by Apple to make sure that its platform is the most welcoming for marquee titles. Apple has a long history of dealing with publishers that it views as doing good or prominent work to promote their apps by means of huge banners and editorial suggestions on the App Store. And I make sure that the App Store department is doing its finest to see to it that the leading apps and games land on iOS initially, if not only. If you want to call offers of promotion and praise in the App Store reward to hold off launching for Android, that’s fine. However it’s still not cash, and it’s unclear if that took place in this case, regardless.

Those suggestions are worth huge cash to lots of designers, but they are likewise not limited to big-name companies. We’ve actually seen one or two-man operations featured by Apple in lots of sections, consisting of the huge useful top banners in its App Stores on Mac, iPhone and iPad.

In the games market– and this is where it becomes much easier to see why the gaming press would see this as practical– it’s all too usual for platforms to pay publishers for exclusivity. Both Microsoft and Sony have their own studios that produce games, but also draft arrangements with external publishers to juice the desirability of their consoles by paying to keep games unique for a time period.

But we’ve actually yet to hear any verified reports of Apple doing the exact same for the App Shop. As Android expands in addressable market, maybe it’ll ‘go there’ eventually. However in this case, both business reject anything like that’s taking place.