Game designer Proletariat has launched a gameplay trailer for its upcoming MMO World Zombination. The real-time strategy video game enables players to play as either people or zombies in a post-apocalyptic globe. Gamers which select to be human will should safeguard the city as well as its inhabitants from a zombie invasion in a tower defense design video game. The zombie side of the video game enables players to generate hundreds of undead as well as mutate them to take over the globe.

The game assures to consist of enjoyable characters like the shotgun wielding Scattershot and a lot of horrible zombies consisting of ‘Spitters’ and ‘Harbingers.’ Players will be able to collect, handle and upgrade the human systems and zombie drones as they play the video game. World Zombination also features a third Clash of Clans-like element where players could contend in head-to-head battles, faction battles and guild raids in over 50 cities on a shared world map.

World Zombination, ipad

World Zombination will certainly be readily available for iOS, Android, PC and Mac on February 19, 2015. Rates hasn’t been announced, however it stinks of a free-to-play, timer-heavy title.