Buying Guide: Best MacBook Air case: 11 top bags, cases and covers

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Best MacBook Air case

Your shiny brand-new MacBook Air has just been delivered … however what to put it in?

Do you simply want to protect it from scratches or are you after a case that shields it – and the give-away logo on its cover – from prying eyes and criminals? Maybe you need a drop-prof case, or you are a photographer that needs to take a MacBook Air and a DSLR camera in the same bag.

Whatever your ambitions, there’s something for you among these ingenious slings, messengers, backpacks, cases and covers that fit the MacBook Air 11-inch and 13-inch models.

1. WaterField Designs Outback Laptop Sleeve – US$ 50 (around ₤ 35/AU$55)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

This vintage-style case from WaterField Designs is a more outdoorsy waxed canvas. Weighing in at 384g (13.5 oz), the Wilderness is available for both the 11 and 13-inch MacBook Air, in addition to the 13 and 15-inch MacBook Pro (all the exact same cost), and with the opening at either the top or bottom.

We tried the 11-inch side-loader, which had a soft, neoprene-clad inner sleeve that adds simply enough padding to the tough canvas building for us to be less precious about our MacBook Air. It fitted perfectly and the basic leather popper strap kept it firmly closed.

Though it so occurs to house an iPad rather gladly regardless of being a touch too large, it’s that solid construction and unusual, well disguised worn look that we like it for many. It’s finest chucked into an old rucksack before straddling a horse and riding off searching for Wi-Fi.

2. Targus Canvas Slipcase – ₤ 40/US$60/AU$65

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

If you are shuffling in between conferences or spending time a conference venue, a specialized backpack is overkill and an easy cover small underkill.

Step forward this durable Targus Slipcase (model number TTS00504EU in the UK or TTS00504US in North America and Australia), which is offered in white/brown and grey/black, and for both sizes of MacBook Air.

Weighing 450g (16oz) and made from a canvas far thinner than that found on the WaterField Designs Wilderness, the Slipcase is less of an occasion than many devoted laptop computer bags, but piles on the functionality.

A magnetic faux leather hood hides a primary, cushioned compartment that takes a MacBook Air, while a stretchable wallet in front suffices for a power adaptor and, thanks to a devoted wallet, a clutch of business cards. Include a simple shoulder band and it adds up to a cost-effective, useful solution.

  • More information on the Targus Canvas Slipcase

3. Berghaus Remote II 20 – ₤ 50 (around US$ 75/AU$80)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

It’s not tailor-made for a MacBook Air, however if you seek a great disguise, the Berghaus Remote II 20 works very well.

Not surprisingly, the shoulder straps (total with sunglasses stuff and modifiable chest band) are the best below, with a vent between the foam back pads that makes this a less sweaty choice than some.

Inside is a critical area that, while made to hold a three-litre hydration bladder, manages to fit a 13-inch MacBook Air with simplicity, though snugly so.

Given its netting design the paranoid may wish to wrap their Air in a different case first – and there’s space for one of those, too – though the water resistant design makes this one of the safest choices, particularly for cyclists.

A grab manage on the top is handy, as are four pockets inside, while compression straps either side pack the bag down to the bare minimum size that’s ideal for those packing among the slimmest notebooks around. Weighs 530g (19oz) when empty.

  • More information on the Berghaus Remote II 20

4. WaterField Designs MacBook Air Smart Case – US$ 80 (around ₤ 55/AU$85)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

Given the MacBook Air’s rather cold-looking metallic design, there’s a temptation to cover it up in something warm and safe, which’s exactly what this easy-access slip-case accomplishes.

Weighing 340g (12oz) for the 11-inch version and 396g (14oz) for the 13-inch variation and coming from San Francisco, the Smart Case is an uncommon mix of a distressed brown leather spine, red (or copper green, black or white) nylon and a black net pocket on the outside.

Inside is a soft padded sleeve that’s among the snuggest fitting we attempted. A recessed spine on each side makes it simple to retrieve a MacBook Air when docked, while the stretchable pocket on the exterior is able to house everything from a MacBook Air’s power adaptor or Kindle to a 300-page story and even a naked iPad.

  • More information on the WaterField Designs MacBook Air Smart Case

5. Twelve South BookBook – ₤ 80/US$80/AU$90

Best MacBook Air bags, cases and covers

Do not judge a MacBook by its cover? Skeuomorphism could be out in Cupertino for iOS 7, but Twelve South has something unique for those who like both the smooth machined aluminium of the Macbook Air and an olde worlde leather look.

Available for both the 11-inch and 13-inch versions and weighing either 355g or 382g (12.5 oz or 13.5 oz), the BookBook’s weathered design and two-tone red and brown spinal column are plainly designed as a cover up on a book shelf, but there’s decent security below, too.

Hard covers are backed by a soft felt inner sleeve and two safe and secure zips. It fits a MacBook Air comfortably, with elastic security tags across the corners of the screen keeping its guest in place, though it can do with some on the keyboard, too.

  • More info on the Twelve South BookBook

Six more top MacBook Air cases

6. Thule Crossover Sling Pack – ₤ 80/US$100/AU$130

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

Although it’s the ability to take a 13-inch Macbook Air, the diagonal-access area inside this hard 823g (29oz) sling pack from Thule is of less precise measurements than most of the other bags and cases here.

With an ability of 17 litres and created to fit a 13-inch notebook, it’s topped to be a work or weekend bag, with plenty of space for a few shirts and a few netting pockets for sundries within its three areas.

On the front is a wallet that fits an iPhone, while the middle wallet quickly takes a 10-inch tablet. There are compartments for company cards, as well as a remarkably broad water bottle owner on one side, which is rare on customized bags such as these.

A number of well-placed grab manages on the side and top excite, though among our preferred functions – a chest-height wallet on the sling strap – shows simply too slim for most smartphones.

  • More details on the Thule Crossover Sling Pack

7. Tech 21 Effect Slip – ₤ 80/US$125 (around AU$ 130)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

A slim case suitable for safeguarding an 11 or 13-inch MacBook Air, the Tech 21 Effect Slip is best for clumsy types who’ve actually put nasty damages in dropped notebooks before now.

The innovation behind the leather is D3O, an orange-coloured soft product made from particles that lock together and solidify instantaneously upon effect, dissipating the shock and keeping your piece of machine-engineered aluminium in one piece.

The middle layer is called BulletShield, which is also made use of in bulletproof glass … you get the idea.

It’s a difficult case to test, however nothing else we know of claims to dissipate 80 % of the force of being dropped or struck. And it’s a wonderful fit, so snug that a small tab is needed to assist it on its method out.

If the pouch-style is not really for you, Tech 21 also makes its fold-out Impact Jacket also with D30, for the same costs, which covers around either side of the MacBook Air.

  • More info on the Tech 21 Impact Slip

8. Lat 56 MS_01 – ₤ 130/US$200 (around AU$ 210)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

Lat 56’s MS_01 Small Laptop computer Messenger Case is among the most difficult, best made bags on offer here. In a ruthlessly efficient design that puts an emphasis on function and defense, this totally water-resistant 12-litre bag has an inner, padded sleeve that securely confines either an 11-inch or 13-inch MacBook Air, and keeps it completely still.

In front is an area for chargers and cable televisions, while an external section residences two iPhone-sized wallets, a smaller sized zipped pouch and some pen owners. All pockets close using magnets, not poppers, while a couple of rubber feet on its undercarriage keep it off the floor.

However, once we ‘d sealed the bag and attached the shoulder strap, the real shock additional appeared, a zipped wallet on the reverse that houses a cushioned sleeve that completely fits an iPad.

It’s this kind of focus on information within a heavyweight, 1.5 kg (2.2 lbs) design, that makes this one of the ultimate MacBook Air bags for the commute.

  • More info on the Lat 56 MS_01

9. Marshall Bergman Corbin – ₤ 135 (around US$ 205/AU$220)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

Selling solely on the Apple Shop, this beautiful leather shoulder work bag has maybe been designed for an iPad, but unlike many of its contemporaries this 783g (27.6 oz) effort is just that bit taller – and therefore practically homes a 2013 generation 11-inch MacBook Air in its committed, padded inside wallet.

However, if you have currently put your MacBook Air in some kind of cover, it’s best plunged into the major section, with the cushioned pocket instead reserved for a tablet.

Two outside wallets – one with a dedicated iPhone wallet – make an impression on, though neither is deep enough for a full-size iPad. Inside are two more wallets for iPhones or iPod touches – together with 2 pen holders, a nicely removable keyring, and a secure zipped pocket. It’s offered in black or brown.

  • More information on the Marshall Bergman Corbin

10. Jill-e Designs Emma – ₤ 200 (around US$ 300/AU$330)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

Sold solely on the Apple Shop, the womanly – however eminently business-like – Jill-e Designs 11-inch Emma Leather Messenger Bag is specifically created to hold a MacBook Air 11-inch, but that’s not all it can carry.

Available in black or sky blue, the major area secures a MacBook Air within a cushioned wall with velcro safety band. Alongside is a cushioned pouch that completely fits an iPad, while 2 pockets contrary take an iPhone and something slightly wider.

Two pen owners and a zipped pocket complete the soft-touch, sand-coloured fabric-lined vital organs, though there’s scant space for much else bar a charger or two.

Weighing 1kg (2.2 lbs) and with a comfortable leather shoulder strap and get deal with, the Emma doesn’t stop with the tech there, on its rear is a pocket that also well situateds an iPad, while an oval zipped pocket on the front has 3 more pen holders and an iPhone wallet.

Best of all, it appears like an appropriate purse, with burnished gold strap rings, zips and a buckle on the front that uses magnets.

  • More info on the Jill-e Designs 11-inch Emma Leather Messenger Bag

11. Booq Python Pack – ₤ 220/US$240 (around AU$ 360)

Best MacBook Air bags cases and covers

For photographers that need Photoshop and email on the go, there are few better choices that the Booq Python Pack. Many tailor-made MacBook gear is for urban dwellers, however this photography-centric Python Pack is about as outdoorsy as it gets.

A MacBook Pro 15-inch can be slipped into an unique laptop computer area, so a MacBook Air is no issue. You can likewise press in a DSLR (or two) and four lenses, umpteen memory cards, and even a couple of smartphones in pouches on the comfortable shoulder bands.

Great for hiking and with a surprising red shower cover that stows in a side pocket, it does have bands for a tripod on the outside, though they are rather strangely straightened. In the back panel between the bands is a ‘secret’ area that’s the precise dimensions of an iPad.

  • More information on the Booq Python Pack