Buying Guide: Cool gadgets: The best tech you can buy in 2014

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Cool Gadgets 2014: the best tech money can buy

It’s our objective at TechRadar to help you discover the tech products that are best for you.

That’s why we assess the specific items we do, while offering a veritable smorgasbord of helpful purchasing guides and item round-ups to help you discover the perfect play things and work environment marvels.

Whether it be an ideal camera phone for your mum or a kick-ass Blu-ray player to coupled with your brand-new TV, are not0 got the specialists on hand to offer the best purchasing advice on the internet.

Here you’ll find a thorough repository of all that expert understanding. With purchasing advice and particular product recommendations, look no additional for your best chance of discovering all the cool devices readily available today.

Phones and tablets

Best mobile phones

Which one should you buy?

We’ve actually played with almost every device on the market and have actually found the ten best you can invest your money on. It needs to be good, after all, given it’ll reside in your pocket for the next two years. Our ranking of the best smart phones readily available in the UK today commemorates the brilliance of the smartphone: we love handsets that include in performance to improve our lives in numerous different means. We likewise partially take into account the cost of the phone too – meaning a low-price handset doesn’t always need to have high-spec functions to be in our leading 10.
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Best Android phones

Comparing the best Google phones

There’s one vital way in which Android is massively different from its Apple-branded smartphone competition – the number of phones out there running Google’s hot mobile OS. So right here they’re – the very best Android phones cash can get today. For numerous, lots of various reasons. Read: Best Android phone 2014 – which should you buy?

Best Windows Phones

Which Windows Phone 8 handset is for you?

The recently introduced Windows Phone 8.1 reproduces the popular features of Android and iOS whilst combining the comfort of house computing with the convenience of mobile. We’ve actually looked at the Windows Phone gadgets available and selected the very best ones around to assure you get the best value. Nokia still dominates the list however as a Microsoft entity, that’s no surprise. Read: Best Windows Phone 2014

Best cheap phones

Testing all the best spending plan blowers!

With the mobile marketplace teeming with a multitude of highly priced smartphones, one may wonder whether low-cost phones still have a location in the mobile facilities. With massive innovation in both hardware and running systems, phones now do a lot more than just let you talk and text, with handsets like the Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One and iPhone 5S swiping headlines around the world these days. Regretfully all this innovation is not really inexpensive– and the majority of it’s reserved for high-end contract handsets. So, is there such a thing as the ‘finest phone on a budget’?
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Best phablets

They are huge, bad mobile machines

Our hands mightn’t be getting any larger but our phones definitely are. As flagships like the LG G3 andOnePlus One creep up to 5.5 inches, phablets are beginning to look like small tablets, arguably filling the functions of both a smartphone and a slate. If you think that one gadget is much better than two, or simply have truly big hands, then there’s a growing option of phones to match and these are the 10 best.
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Best tablets

All the top tablets compared

Tablets are taking the world by storm. Simply a few years ago they were an unknown for many individuals, but nowadays you’ve actually got even more option than you can shake a gently flustered badger at. And with option comes decisions – hard choices. Do you shun Apple’s high costs, join the Android brigade and discover the very best iPad alternative? Or get on board Cupertino’s lovetrain, and utilize among the most popular tablets on earth? We’ve actually made it simple for you and drew together the leading 10 tablets of the moment offered. Read: 10 Best tablets 2014

Best cheap tablets

Spend a little, don’t spend a lot

Tablets are quick replacing laptop computers as the must-have computing item, and the good news is that you do not have to invest a great deal of cash to obtain one. While the iPads of this world will always run out many individuals’s budgets, there are lots of tablets out there offered at much lower costs. We’d not recommend investing less than ₤ 100 on one – you ‘d regret it – however right here’s a round-up of our favorite tablets under ₤ 250! Finest cheap tablets: top budget options

Home Entertainment

TV Buying Guide 2014

Choose the best size, screen tech and price

There’s actually never ever been a better time to purchase a brand-new TV. Gone are the days when 32-inch Televisions weighed 16 tonnes and expense ₤ 1,500. These days you can pick up a 50-inch LCD TELEVISION for closer to ₤ 300. LCD panel innovation has well and really matured, and while brands like Sony and Panasonic press the limits of performance, you’ll likewise find names like Toshiba doing very amazing things in the spending plan TELEVISION sector. The practical upshot of this is that no matter exactly what are not2 after, how huge you want to go or how big your budget is, there’s a perfect TV out there for you. So which one is best for you, your household and your home? In this buying guide, we’ll certainly stroll you with everything you need to learn about being a new TV.
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Best 32-inch TVs

The best size for bed room Televisions or sets for smaller sized rooms

Most living-room can not physically take a TELEVISION much bigger than 32-inch, making this size by far the best for a lot of people in the UK. But within this size division, there’s plenty of selection. A basic HD-ready set can be found for less than ₤ 300 is you search hard, though it’s simply as easy to invest over ₤ 2k on the best ones. There’s just one certainty at this size– your new TELEVISION will certainly be a LCD TELEVISION. If are not2 lucky it could’ve LED backlighting, however it’ll not be a plasma, LG used to make plasmas at this size, however there’s not one on sale currently. Read: 10 finest 32-inch TVs in the world today

Best 40 and 42-inch TVs

The sweet area for plasma Televisions provides great deals of bang for your buck

Once understood merely as ‘plasma screens’ in the collective awareness, the 40-42-inch size is where the flatscreen dream started in the late 1990s – and where it’s still at its most innovative and best. Now a lot more different, with plasmas scrubing shoulders with (and rapidly being surpassed by) LCD TVs and their ultra-modern LED TV transformation, 40-42 inches is still the sweetspot for anyone not extremely worrieded about destroying the interior design of their living room. Read: 10 best 40 and 42-inch TVs

Best 46 and 47-inch TVs

Offering the pinnacle of performance, this is where it gets serious

There was a time when plasma screens ruled supreme in the 46-inch TELEVISION market. However in much the same means as a meteor strike exterminated the dinosaurs, the 2nd coming of the LCD TELEVISION is the intrusive types that’s actually done for plasma. We are still huge supporters of plasma on TechRadar, don’t get us wrong, but the tech is going out at this size. Old-school CCFL tech has been changed by LED backlight scanning and technical wizardry to make LCD tech viable in huge sizes. Read: 10 best 46 and 47-inch TVs

Best 50 and 55-inch TVs

Where the house cinema experience begins

The size where a house cinema turns from dream to reality, it’s likewise at this 50-55-inch TELEVISION screen size that 3D starts to become immersive sufficient to persuade and impress. This size, last year dominated by full HD models, is now being overrun by Ultra HD 4K models. While LED tech has gone a long means in the direction of condemning plasma to a duty on the borders of the TV market, at 50-inches and above, plasma really comes into its own if you can discover one. The majority of house movie theater enthusiasts still advocate plasma, with its cinematic colors and deep blacks producing a real movie-watcher’s paradise. But 2014 sees the very first batch of 50-inch LED-backlit panels off the manufacturing line, a development that further marginalises plasma technology at one of the sizes it formerly dominated. If are not2 looking for a dream movie-watching experience, have a look at these home cinema charms.
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Best 60-inch TVs and above

If you really want the very best, you’ll have to pay the best

If are not2 feeling lavish or want to provide your big living-room with a similarly big TELEVISION, 60 inches or more of television will certainly make a statement. There are some truly huge Televisions readily available nowadays, withUltra HD-toting 84-inch screens such as the LG 84LM960V, Toshiba 84L9300, Sony KD-84X9005A and Samsung UE85S9ST. However for the majority of us, 65 inches of screen space is extravagant enough, while still being manageable. So what’s the best 60-65-inch TV for you?
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Best 4K Ultra HD TVs

The most current big thing in big screens

Everyone desires an Ultra HD 4K TELEVISION! Yes, fine, we all know there is not much 4K source product to appropriately display the sensational picture quality, but Netflix has at least started to offer 4K content. There could likewise still be a 4K Blu-ray format later this year, and before you know it there’ll be test transmissions and perhaps even a 4K TV channel from Sky or the BBC. It’s all about future-proofing, though there’s somewhat even more to it than that, some of the first batch of Ultra HD TVs pump out best-ever Blu-ray images, thanks to some incredibly proficient upscaling tech. The birth of 4K might also cause the re-birth of 3D– it simply looks a lot better at this higher resolution. The huge stumbling block– as always– is money, but already there are relative bargains to be had and, much better still, some delicious designs packed with brand-new developments. The race for 3840×2160 pixels is on. Read: 10 finest 4K Televisions worldwide today

Best Blu-ray players

From cheap BDPs to UHD players

When big and bulky Blu-ray gamers initially appeared on the racks nearly 10 years ago they were everything about high definition. Back then, simply getting HD material into your HD-ready TV was the most popular ticket in the area – and it came at a high price. Those first-gen players are buried in the remote past now, leaving us with super-slim equipments with packing times in single figure seconds, 3D Blu-ray playback, 2D-to-3D conversion, apps, streaming to and from smartphones and tablets, house networking, and upscaling to Ultra HD 4K resolutions even before Ultra HD Televisions are common. Right here are 12 of the very best Blu-ray gamers to assist you make your purchasing choice! Read: 12 best Blu-ray players 2014

Netflix vs Amazon

Which motion picture streamer is best for you and yours?

The battle of the huge American motion picture streaming services is buckling down: the Amazon-owned LoveFilm is no more, changed by the new and heavily-promoted Amazon Prime Instant Video. Is Amazon UK finally taking streaming seriously? CanNetflix hang on to its crown as our preferred streaming service? Let us find out. Read: Netflix vs Amazon Prime Instant Video: which is finest for you?

PS4 vs Xbox One

Which next-gen console is best?

It’s a bit more even in the PS4 vs Xbox One argument now that E3 2014 has actually come and gone and we are 7 months into the next-generation of video games. Sure, Sony’s new console is ahead, pressing toward 8 million systems sold compared with Microsoft’s 5 million ‘delivered to shops’ number. But those are sales data. Read: PS4 vs Xbox One: which is best?

Cameras and photography

Camera Buying Guide 2014

The video camera purchasing insight you need

When it concerns getting an electronic camera, are not2 truly spoiled for selection. The array is huge, extending from inexpensive and joyful compact models competing with your smartphone, right through to professional-spec SLRs that cost as much as a good secondhand car. In this jargon-free summary, we will go over the primary types of video camera out there, to assist you make a wise purchasing decision. You do not wish to pay top dollar for functions you won’t need, however you likewise don’t wish to be stuck to a frustratingly fundamental electronic camera you’ll soon grow out of. We are going to concentrate on 3 main sorts of camera in this introduction– compact, compact system (or mirrorless) electronic camera and SLR. Read: Buying Guide: Best camera 2014

SLR Buying Guide

Choose the very best sort of DSLR for your skills and needs

Ever since the arrival of the first commercially practical digital SLRs in the 1990s, there’s been a steady stream of technological advancements and new releases. Sales of digital SLRs stay durable, as it’s this ‘quality’ end of the marketplace that’s most immune from the threat of ever-improving smartphones, nevertheless excellent smartphones are, if a professional wedding event or sports photographer turned up wielding one, they ‘d get shown the door. There are SLR electronic cameras appropriate for every kind of photographer, from amateurs to specialists, however which is right for you? Read: Best SLR 2014

SLRs for beginners

Lost of choices for the wannabe photographer

If are not2 a novice or less seasoned photographer who’s keen to establish your abilities, it’s a good time to be buying an SLR– there’s a wide option of keenly priced cams competing for your custom. Makers aspire to attract newbies in the hope of developing commitment, especially as SLR users have the tendency to upgrade their lenses eventually, or purchase flashguns and other additionals. Preferably, you want an SLR that’s easy to utilize, however one that you are not1 quickly outgrow as your skills and self-confidence establish. Read: 10 best SLRs for beginners

SLRs for enthusiasts

are not3 not a pro but you still really want a nice camera

While compact system (mirrorless) cams have consumed into their market share to an extent, SLRs remain the weapon of option for numerous enthusiast photographers. It’s not tough to understand why, enthusiast-level SLRs provide near pro-levels of efficiency at an economical rate, are relatively to simple to utilize, and admit to a massive range of lenses and accessories. Certainly, some enthusiast SLRs competing pro-spec designs, blurring the border between the 2. Read: 10 best SLRs for enthusiasts

SLRs for professionals

The finest photographers have the best cameras

As you ‘d expect from a video camera costing the like a suitable pre-owned automobile, higher-end SLRs have myriad autofocus options, remarkable ISO performance and often (but not constantly) fast continuous shooting. They tend to be developed like tanks too, because they’ve to fulfill the demands of professional press, sports and adventure photographers, who’re often working in demanding, deadline-driven environments. When it pertains to picking a top-end SLR, the greatest decision is whether to choose a full-blown professional design, such as theNikon D4S, or to save money by opting for an electronic camera that likewise appeals to advanced lovers and semi pros. Read: 10 best top-end SLR

Best compact cameras

Get the best mini snapper for your needs

There are hundreds of digital compact video cameras on the marketplace, with innovative, superzoom and rugged video camera options all being available, makings discovering the right one quite difficult. The right option, naturally, depends on exactly what you really want from your compact digital camera. Possibly are not2 trying to find a high-end compact camera to fill in your SLR, or possibly you want something more standard to obtain a couple of snaps on vacation. Whichever kind you’re looking for, are not0 drawn together a choice of exactly what our team believe are the very best compact electronic cameras on the marketplace now.
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Best high-end compact cameras

The best back-ups to an SLR

The drawback of even the current and greatest DSLR bodies and weighty collections of excellent glass is that, when a great image opportunity emerges, your kit’s quick asleep in its gizmo bag back in your home. On the other hand, compact electronic cameras are little and slimline enough to fit into an extra pocket, the glove box of the automobile, or just about anywhere else. Weighing in at 200-400g (0.4-0.9 lbs), these cams are lighter than many DSLR lenses without an electronic camera connected, but can they truly deliver in terms of image quality and creativity? Read: 10 finest high-end compact cameras

Best compact system cameras

Get the best CSC for your budget

DSLRs have long-held the title as the most versatile cams on the marketplace, efficient in providing the highest quality images, robust build quality and advanced performance, not to mention speed. With compacts and bridge models offering a set of stepping stones approximately the traditional DSLR, producers observed a gap in between that was waiting to be filled: the CSC (Compact System Cam) was born. Quick forward to today and we’ve an ever-increasing array of CSCs available with varying levels of performance. Read: 28 finest compact system electronic cameras 2014

Gadgets and computing

Best sat navs

Find your means from A to B with minimum fuss

Could the automobile sat nav boast the shortest life-span of any technology yet? Certainly our GPS-supporting phones are more than capable of managing our day-to-day car sat nav needs? Not so fast – there’s still lots of life left in dedicated gadgets. Apart from providing the sort of focus that’s only offered from a dedicated device, true sat navs offer correct mounting systems that are not fiddly plastic headaches and also pack voice options that amuse and inform. That’s not to state that you must leave your phone at home. Phone apps are capturing up rapidly, and they don’t cost the earth either. In truth, a few of the most interesting tasks are just on phones today.
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Best laptops

The finest mobile computers in all shapes and sizes

Choosing the right laptop computer ares more complicated than ever – so we are here to help with our regularly upgraded overview of the best laptops. The release of Windows 8.1 and its subsequent upgrade has actually drawn the OS additional to the touch and tablet future. This, together with the performance boost the OS provides, is a benefit for the substantial selection of laptop-tablet hybrids now flooding the marketplace. Right here’s some expert buying suggestions and 30 item suggestions from Ultrabooks to gaming laptop computers. Read: Best Laptops 2014

Best laptops for students

Budget laptop computers for college or uni

Becoming a full-time student is pricey – all those student loans, tuition charges, and flights to Thailand to discover who you’re don’t come inexpensive. No matter the money you’ll conserve in haircuts, times are difficult, indeed. But selecting a suitable portable PC to carry from lecture – to club – to lecture halls and, hopefully, last the period of your course is something we can assist you with. So we’ve actually searched our peerless laptop computer assesses to find 10 of the best laptop computers for students. Read: Best laptops for students

Best printers

Top inkjet and laser printers compared

In choosing the best printer your first choice is whether to go for a basic printer, or a multi-function device that includes a scanner and which can also work as a standalone copier. These are not much bigger than routine printers, but they are a great deal more flexible, specifically when you’ve to keep a copy of a letter, a bill or other vital document, so our first list includes the best inkjet printers and finest multi-function devices. You need to likewise believe very carefully about whether to invest in an inkjet or a laser. Lasers are generally related to office environments, where they produce sharp, smudge-free printouts quickly, silently and financially, but this can be just as beneficial in your home or in a house office. Read: 16 best printers 2014

Best Spotify Connect systems

Control your music wirelessly with Spotify Connect

Spotify is slowly supplanting digital downloads as the dominant means that we hear music, with 10 million customers and 40 million active users throughout 56 countries paying attention to its 30 million tracks. With Spotify adding even more than 20,000 brand-new songs daily, it’s certainly time for Spotify Connect, a new badge for hi-fi gear that allows uncomplicated control of music throughout a phone, tablet and speakers. Enabling music to be sent out direct from the Spotify app to any of these systems, Spotify Connect is a streamer’s dream. Read: Best Spotify Connect systems

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