If there’s one feature that we like to use our iPad for, it’s the calendar. Whilst the calendar app may not be to everybody’s taste, what with all the great Corinthian leather, there are hundreds of alternative calendar apps in the App Shop, each with their own ideas and attributes. Having actually utilized numerous alternative calendar apps for many years on my iPad, I cannot help but also feel that we have gotten to the point where there are not really any new or initial functions in a few of these apps and are simply providing an alternative look and feel.

Calendar Alarm efforts to buck this trend, integrating all the features of a standard calendar app with a special means of handling occasion alerts that makes it rather one-of-a-kind.

If It Ain’t Broke…

The interface is extremely similar to the built-in iOS calendar app. In reality, the day view is nearly identical, with the month overview found on the left rather of the right. The exact same can be stated of the month view, providing a comparable look.

Calendar Alarm's interface appears to be what the default iOS calendar app would be if it were not covered in leather

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Calendar Alarm’s interface seems what the default iOS calendar app would be if it just were not covered in leather

Unlike Calendar, however, you can’t tap on any day in the month view and jump to the date. You can tap-and-hold to create an event but if you’ve actually got a day developing a great deal of events that you want to examine, you’ll have to go into the day planner and then select the date manually.

The list view, again, offers a comparable experience to the default calendar app in iOS, but with one notable exception. It’s its own Notification Center-style pane that’ll display all notifies from the last 24 hours.

A Notification Center-style pane is available to provide information about the last 24 hours of alerts

A Alert Center-style pane is available to offer details about the last 24 hours of alerts

The week view is broken up into 2 different kinds, a 7-day coordinator that offers 6 boxes (the last divided in 2 for the weekend) and a more familiar spreadsheet-style appearance.

There are a lot of choices that can be personalized within Calendar Alarm, with many setups varying from what you ‘d like your new occasion default options to be to how big you desire the font on the screen. Furthermore, there are some color design choices that can be picked to let you customise the app further.

A good number of settings provides a level of customisability not present in some other calendar apps

A excellent number of setups offers a level of customisability not present in some other calendar apps

You can customise the default alarm choices in addition to the snooze time when you want to defer an event alert.

Event Management

Adding events uses the default iOS occasion picker that you see in numerous calendar apps and the built-in one, so you get all the perks of being able to include invitees, set accessibility, choose the calendar to utilize and more.

The ability to copy an event makes adding events that do not necessarily need to be repeating very easy to do

The capacity to copy an event makes adding events that do not necessarily should be duplicating very simpler to do

Calendar Alarm builds on this when editing an existing occasion by adding some really beneficial options, my favorite of which is the ability to copy an event. For instance, if you have simply had lunch with a friend today and arranged to do it again at the exact same time next week, you could either add a new event from scratch or merely tap “copy occasion” and then just alter the event’s date. Every one of the event’s details are currently filled in and you just simply conserve the modifications.

A quick alert reminder can be set up so you do not need to specify exact times for alarms

A quick alert reminder can be set up so you don’t have to specify exact times for alarms

Another helpful function is a quick-add of informs. You can typically just add one or two alerts to an event within iOS, but Calendar Alarm lets you specify any number of different notifies utilizing an alert faster way and o

Red Alert!

Notifications are presented on your iPad's display and swiping them will launch the app

Notifications exist on your iPad’s display and swiping them will launch the app

Perhaps, rather unsurprisingly, the core feature of Calendar Alarm is it’s alert system. Instead of depending upon the default calendar alerts in iOS, which will simply open the inbuilt calendar app, Calendar Alarm treats calendar alerts like a real alarm, providing a repeating alert tone that’ll not stop. When an alert is triggered, you can swipe to open the occasion straight in Calendar Alarm where you’ve the ability to not just stop the alarm however likewise snooze it. Have an essential event in a couple of hours but also need to be quickly reminded? You can just snooze the alarm for any period you want and it’ll trigger again.

Once you receive an alarm reminder, you can either dismiss it or snooze it for an amount of time that you specify

Once you receive an alarm tip, you can either dismiss it or snooze it for a quantity of time that you specify

The app utilizes neighborhood notifications instead of push so any informs can go off even without a web connection. Whilst iOS does this too, some calendar alarm apps use push notices that need you to have a net connection.

False Alarm

Unfortunately, this is where Calendar Alarm stumbles rather. Due to how the app is created and limitations of iOS, the app has to produce its own alarms based upon any events in your calendar. Now, considering that iOS apps don’t have any form of real multitasking, it can just do this when the app is open. If you are only technique of calendar communication is Calendar Alarm then you will not have any issue. If you utilize other calendar app or an additional gadget like an iPhone or Mac, nevertheless, none of the events and notifies will be acknowledged by Calendar Alarm till you next launch the app. For multi-device individuals, you’ll need to introduce the app every time you add an occasion on another gadget to your calendar. Fortunately, Calendar Alarm is a universal app so you can install it on your iPhone in addition to no service charge.

This is actually described as soon as you run the app for the first time as it should be open for it to see any new events and generate the necessary notifies. You’ve to make some changes to your iPad’s Alert settings, by hand switch off informs for Calendar and then ensure the appropriate setups are allowed for Calendar Alarm.

It’s a rather cumbersome method of taking care of notifies but also due to the limiting nature of iOS, it’s simply how it is.


Calendar Alarm is a fine calendar app for iOS. It’s clean appearance and convenience of use in resembling much of iOS’ inbuilt calendar app makes it an easy app to utilize. Its creative event copying functionality and convenience at which to set notifies makes it a definite app to consider if you are trying to find something that can provide alarm clock-style notifies for calendar occasions.

The biggest feature of Calendar Alarm is its alarm functionality, but also because of the means it works (due to iOS restrictions), it may not be for everybody. If you’re commonly adding events on numerous gadgets, you’ll should remember to launch the app whenever you include or edit an occasion for the changes to be observed or else run the risk of missing out on that all-important meeting.