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You had me at ‘messed up continent.’

Overland is an upcoming 3D survival strategies video game from the developer of Canabalt, Adam Saltzman. Its gorgeous, chillingly-chromatic fine art style has me itching to play it, as does the great means the group has actually produced an approachable rogue-like set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland without dumbing it down.

Check out the video clip listed below, with Saltzman’s narration.

To endure your trip via the wasteland, you’ll need to scavenge for fuel, weapons, and also various other materials while you eradicate weird animals that can known you at night. Yikes.

There’ll be two primary components to the game: Experiences (which take location on a tactical grid) and Intermissions (which take place around a campfire. You’ll move the grid, scavenge, light torches, or drive your vehicle throughout Experiences. There’ll be battle there, too.

Interludes will certainly see you making higher-level method options, like whether to conserve up gas or get further on the map. You’ll have to decide exactly what resources you need most and just what level to try next – all essential to the end result of your game.

‘Should you conserve up gas for that lengthy detour up ahead?’ says Saltzman in the video over. ‘You can locate solid upgrades there, yet stockpiling fuel is a high-risk maneuver. What do you do when there’s only one seat left in the vehicle? Do you take a healthy guest without any specifically valuable occupation? Or do you aim to conserve the wounded specialist? Maybe there’s a medkit at the following stop. Possibly there isn’t. ‘

Yikes, again.

The fine art is very adorable, also, right? The color scheme, the wee dwarfs, the cute little dangerous monsters. Sweet, I desire to click all over it.

Overland is slated to come out for Mac and also COMPUTER following year. There’s a subscriber list you could register for to obtain information as they get there, you recognize I enrolled in it. This game looks amazing.