iPad Facebook Save Photo

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Recently I have been seeing quite a few remarks right here from users saying they can not save Facebook pictures on the iPad since upgrading to iOS 6. They still get the ‘Save Photo’ prompt when they try to conserve a photo of their own or from among their pals in the iPad Facebook app, but the image never shows up in the Camera Roll as it constantly made use of to.

I’d never experienced the concern myself, however as even more users kept mentioning it I chose to research it a bit this morning. And luckily there’s a very easy option to this issue. I have tested it out and it works.

Here’s exactly what you’ve to do to be able to save Facebook images on the iPad running iOS 6:

– Open the Settings app and tap on the Privacy section in the left sidebar (just 4 below the General section).

iPad iOS 6 Privacy Settings

– In the Privacy settings window, tap on the Photos section. That’ll bring up a listing of all your set up apps that have asked for and / or need access to your image collection.

iPad Privacy Facebook Photos Settings

– Try to find the entry for Facebook, and tap so that it’s turned On.

That’s it. That must permit you to conserve Facebook images to the iPad Camera Roll simply as you constantly could previously iOS 6.