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Ready for effect: Hitcase Pro protects your iPhone everywhere you shouldn’t take it.

Hitcase Pro, like Tony Stark’s iron fit, is the penultimate protection for your iPhone 5, even when it’s flying with the air.

Hitcase Pro by HitCase
Category: iOS cases
Works With: iPhone 5
Price: $130

That’s because, like the red Avenger, Hitcase Pro is not really just a fit of shield, like so numerous cases prior to it. No, this one’s constructed for action, with some special mounting and lens abilities that encourage you take your charming iPhone on journeys you normally will not, all so you can use its cam to tape the disorder and prove you survived.

What It Does

As far a security goes, Hitcase Pro is about as super-rugged as they come. Battening down its leading and bottom around your iPhone occur with 3 thick plastic clamps, and just more comforting are the the hearty ‘clicks’ they discharge as your snap them down. Shock absorbing pads likewise line Hitcase so when you bail on your roller blades, you may lose a tooth, however your iPhone should survive undamaged.

Built for use in motocross, Hitcase’s ‘Poron’ pads and silicon take in shock.

Protection is simply the ground floor right here, because, aside from being water evidence in around 33 feet of water, Hitcase Pro was constructed to sustain the shock and chaos of outdoor sports. Skateboarders, web surfers, extreme sportists— this case was developed give those who chug Mountain Dew a means to bring their iPhone, with its teensy little HD cam, along for the ride.

Hitcase Pro’s included mounting hardware lets you adhere it to a helmet, onto a tripod, or with its compatible rail, mounting hardware from the popular GoPro system, permitting a huge selection of different configurations.

A wide-angle lens, permanently attached to the Hitcase Pro, increases the iPhone’s viewing angle to a monstrous 170 degrees, so videos you record catch way even more of the action than they otherwise would.

In Use

Included head and tripod mounts are incredibly simple to use.

There’s no doubt the Hitcase Pro is a beast of a case. This thing is developed thick and has no trouble holding up against falls, drops and crashes. Developed for use in motocross races, the Hitcase’s shock taking in ‘Poron’ pads likewise do a good job remaining the iPhone post-fall functional. Would it enable your iPhone to make it through a head-first crash into a bus whilst affixed to your helmet? Can not state I took my tests that far, however let me know if you attempt it.

While rugged protection is not necessarily distinct these days, Hitcase Pro’s mounting system is. The included hardware makes connecting Hitcase to your helmet-covered noggin easy, and it’s a handy feature for anybody who wants to film video from their first-person viewpoint. That means skiers, skaters, bikers, anybody, can easily record the action they are seeing all with their iPhone 5.

Tripod mount hardware included.

Hitcase likewise offers some other mounting devices like a chest mount if you ‘d prefer some headless choices.

Tripod mounting hardware is also included in the box, so if you want to put your iPhone up on three legs, perhaps in the water or in the rain, you can.

For those not into planning to record their ollies or mega-slaloms, I assume the Hitcase Pro, though chunky and not pocketable, would be a wonderful accessory for coastline goers. Unlike other waterproof cases I’ve actually tested, Hitcase Pro appears to have no threat of unintentional opening even when you are romping around with it. I ‘d feel entirely comfortable taking it in the water for hours to take images with my iPhone.

Hitcase Pro’s large angle lens compared to the iPhone 5′s.

The wide-angle electronic camera is great too, providing an unique and cool point of view on video and images. It absolutely works better for video though, because in photographs, it introduces some vignetting (darkening of your picture’s corners). But as I discussed, you can forget about fitting the Hitcase Pro in your pocket, the extending lens won’t be sliding into any skinny jeans.

And lastly, a small gripe: I discovered the Hitcase Pro’s screen cover obscured my iPhone’s ability to acknowledge my touches. No gentle caresses get noticed with this case. Each screen press need to be deliberate and confident, or they’ll be neglected.