A reimagining of the 1990 Sega Genesis game of the same name, Castle of Impression Starring Mickey Mouse is an imaginative, whimsical platformer showcasing the world’s most identifiable rodent. The action is as traditional as it gets– Mickey runs and jumps with mostly side-scrolling levels, all the while hopping on baddies, grabbing collectables, and jumping over bottomless pits– however the gameplay remains compelling and enjoyable thanks to well-designed phases, interesting environments, and ample appeal.

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You don’t have to have played the Genesis variation to enjoy this update, but long time fans will recognize much of the content. Simply as in the classic version, Mickey checks out an enchanted forest, romps with an extra-large toy land, braves storm-torn ruins, navigates a field built of candy, battles managers, and more, and many levels provide special hooks, like when you are chased after downhill by a huge apple. The stages have been extensively redesigned when compared to the original, however– there’s a much greater focus on using your abilities to snag out-of-the-way goodies– and it looks vastly exceptional thanks to a contemporary graphical transformation. The music is solid, too, and there ares a retro 16-bit soundtrack for nostalgia fans.

Though numerous console-style ports suffer on iOS due to the use of a virtual joystick and buttons, the setup in Castle of Impression actually works better than many. In basic the d-pad controls are smooth and receptive, however things get a bit dicey when precision is called for (especially later in the game), or on the couple of celebrations when the gameplay goes into complete 3D. Obviously, you’ll also need to take care of the fact that the virtual controls obstruct your view (more so on iPhone than iPad, normally), and there are some instances of iffy collision detection.

The bottom line. Just like its console/PC counterpart launched a couple of months back, Castle of Illusion is a solid, durable platformer that teems with both difficulty and Disney magic. Regardless of some rough spots, it’s made the jump to iOS rather well, and it’s a fine upgrade to an all-time classic.