According to a report from Chinese information outlet Dalian Evening News [Google Translate] (via ZDNet), a lady in China suffered eye injuries from her iPhone 5 after it exploded while she was on the phone.

The woman supposedly felt the device’s display become warm after chatting for 40 minutes, and ultimately it combusted after she attempted many times to end the call by tapping on the display. The surge sent fragments of the phone into her eyes and she was hurried to the medical facility, where she was ultimately dealt with. Formerly, the woman mentioned that she’d dropped the phone as soon as which left a little split in the upper right edge, however declares the phone was still useable.

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When she looked at the gadget to examine it, Li then discovered the touchscreen wasn’t reacting when she tried to end the call. After a few even more shots, the screen exploded.

Li said she felt some particles shooting into her eyes. ‘I can not open my eyes,’ she remembered. Her colleagues rushed her to the medical facility where the physician found her eyeball red and irritated, and recognized a scratch mark which suggested an item had actually scratched it.

An Apple representative has replied to the report and stated that the occurrence would require further examination and not be covered under item service warranty. Earlier this year, a Chinese guy was left in a coma after receiving an electric shock while charging his iPhone 4, an event which followed the death of a Chinese woman under similar scenarios. Both events apparently included the use of unauthorized third-party adapters.

Apple has actually responded to the incidents by developing an unique page [Google Translate] to its Chinese website informing clients about the recognition and use of genuine USB power adapters for the iPad and iPhone, along with introducing a third-party USB charger ‘Takeback Program’ offering official replacement chargers for $10 to anybody who turns in a suspicious adapter.