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According to study firm Chitika (through GigaOM), Google’s Chrome browser for iOS now accounts for 3 % of total iOS web quality traffic, up from 1.5 % when it was first released for the platform in June 2012. The study associates the web browser’s rise in use to a release of the brand-new version of Chrome optimized for iOS 7, an advertising campaign for the web browser, and the launch of the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on September 20.

While Chrome usage share on iOS gadgets rose just about 0.3 percentage points following September 22, remember that iOS has an exceptionally large existing individual base implying that usage changes have to be remarkably excellent to cause a significant impact. In this realm, Google still has work to do, however the current development is a likely indication that Chrome is gaining back some traction in the iOS browsing area.

Google has regularly updated Chrome because its launching, consisting of an upgrade in July that improved interoperability with other Google Application by offering users the capability to open links for YouTube, Maps, G+ and Drive in the app instead of the web browser itself. Earlier this month, a report detailed a problem in Chrome for iOS 7 that exposed personal Incognito seraches, but Google keeps in mind that this problem is the outcome of iOS restrictions that require routine and anonymous tabs to share the same HTML5 regional storage.
Chrome is a complimentary app for iOS devices and can be downloaded through the App Shop.