Confirmed: Apple’s Following iPhone Occasion is September 9

apple iphone

It’s authorities: Wednesday (not Tuesday!) September 9 is the Apple event. Points start at 10am at the Expense Graham Civic Amphitheater, a spacious place in SF’s city center that holds countless individuals. WIRED will certainly be there-albeit rather begrudgingly considering that c’mon, that’s the Wednesday after Effort Day Weekend! We’re expected to ease of trip mode, right?

We’re naturally expecting the following apple iphone. That invite graphic tips at something bigger, also. Right here are some Hipchat-crowdsourced assumptions regarding exactly what the image could be hinting at:

• ‘Suppose the apple iphone 6 is simply a microphone?’
• Apple TV voice control
• Footballs in the ocean
• Almonds
• An Apple-branded Nexus Q

See you September 9!