My MacBook Air’s asking for cord was essentially destroyed after only concerning two years of having it. I simply stopped putting black electrical tape around it but that simply seemed to make it worse. I ultimately swung the white flag, likelied to the Apple Shop and also bought a brand-new wall charger for a massive $79. If you’ve been via this prior to, pay attention up, since Juiceboxx will assist you out.

Juiceboxx is a plastic instance that coils your MacBook’s power adapter and requires the cable to direct straight onward at the base. This way when you have to cover it up and also go, the cord isn’t dealing with the anxiety of being curved and twisted. Your cable won’t battle royal as it often tends to do, leaving you with even more money in your pocket and one much less travel to the Apple Store.

In my encounter, the Juiceboxx functions extremely well. Arrangement is very easy sufficient, simply separate the situation right into 2 fifty percents and break back together when it’s around the adapter. I found that the most effective means to separate both pieces is by pushing down on one side of the tabs until they release.


The 2 tabs likewise enable you to wrap the cord around for traveling. As you most likely recognize, you can already do this with the adapter’s integrated tabs, however covering the cord around the Juiceboxx doesn’t put any sort of stress on the cord since the base is by force stable.

As an added bonus, I likewise discovered that the Juiceboxx situation doesn’t obtain fairly as warm as the adapter it borders. Therefore, it’s simpler to select up as well as walk around. It raises the adapter ever before so slightly over flat surface areas as well so it can obtain a bit of ventilation.

After raising over $30,000 through an effective Kickstarter campaign, Juiceboxx now markets its adapter situation online in 6 colors: blue, black, ice, red, magenta and teal. It is available in 3 various sizes depending upon your MacBook’s model: one for the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pros, one for the 13-inch MacBook as well as MacBook Pro as well as one for any type of MacBook Air. There does not look a version readily available for the 12-inch MacBook’s power adapter yet.

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Priced at $19.99, it’s a little on the expensive side for a plastic case, yet it’s much less costly compared to the $80 Apple would want for a brand-new charging cord. You’re regarding to obtain the hook-up though.

Buy one on Juiceboxx’s web site as well as – perk – Cult of Mac readers can go into the promo code ‘BOXX108″ to save 10 percent off of your order. If you travel typically, get the Juiceboxx. Merely get it. It’ll save both you as well as your adapter some stress.