Could Apple's latest hire help iWatch become king of fitness wearables?

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Apple has actually made yet another essential hire in the fitness wearable arena ahead of the rumored iWatch launch this fall.

The Cupertino firm has acquired the services of Alex Hsieh, formerly of Atlas Wearables, who’s experience of getting an independently-built, distinct fitness tracker off the ground.

Hsieh was main software engineer for the Indigogo-funded Atlas tracker, which not just keeps track of standard metrics like speed, calories, heart rate and time, but likewise the sort of activity and quality of your workout.

It can identify your activity as well as counts representatives and sets and provides live feedback on the display, arguably making it a cut above the similarity the Jawbone UP and Nike FuelBand.

Health kick

With the Apple iWatch anticipated to be a health-focused device boasting 10 or more biometric sensing units, the Hsieh hire could verify important in using data and displaying it on the device or via HealthKit in iOS 8.

Whether Hsieh has reached Apple in time to have any significant influence on the iWatch at launch is arguable, however the Atlas guy is the most up to date in a long line of health and wellness concentrated employs at Apple.

The firm has actually picked up former Nike designer Ben Shaffer, who apparently played a key role in the development of the Fuelband, as well as long-time Nike physical fitness consultant Jay Blahnik. Apple has actually likewise gotten a gaggle of clinical experts as well as a rest expert over the course of the in 2012.

The company has actually also apparently called on star athletes like LA Lakers NBA star Kobe Bryant to test out the device in an expert training environment.

The Apple iWatch is expected to be revealed at a special occasion in October with a release prior to the holiday.